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July 1 brings big changes to super

New rules coming into force on July 1 will create opportunities for older Australians to boost their retirement savings and younger Australians to build a home deposit, all within the tax-efficient superannuation system.

Using the existing First Home Super Saver Scheme, people can now release up to $50,000 from their super account for a first home deposit, up from $30,000 previously. Another change that will help low-income earners and people who work in the gig economy is the scrapping of the Super Guarantee (SG) threshold. Previously, employees only... view article
July 1st 2022

Making sense of allocated pensions

Approaching retirement?

If retirement is on the horizon, you’ve probably heard about an allocated pension (also known as an account-based pension and retirement account) as one of the income stream options available. We’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions about allocated pensions to help you navigate your way. What is an allocated pension? An allocated pension is a... view article
June 24th 2022

Addressing current market volatility concerns

We understand the recent dip in share markets has raised concern and worry for many of our clients. In this market update, we address the current market volatility and also discuss your best defence in these challenging times.

Most of this year’s market turmoil has been caused by inflation numbers spiking well beyond the ranges that Governments and Central Banks are comfortable with. Most Central Banks state inflation of 2-3 per cent is their target range – however recent numbers have been pushing into the 7-8% range. There is no doubt the inflation... view article
June 24th 2022

Understanding & Setting Goals

Goal setting & why it pays off

At Invest Blue, we are passionate about helping people achieve their best possible lives. In order to do this, we work to understand what is most important to you and help you to set and plan your goals. Goal setting is certainly not a new concept. We have all heard about the importance of having... view article
June 15th 2022

How to manage rising interest rates

Interest rates are on the rise, with more increases expected by the end of the year. So how high will rates go? What is your rate rise action plan? What does this mean for savers? We discuss all of this below.

Higher interest rates are a worry for people with home loans and borrowers generally. But they are good news for older Australians who depend on income from bank deposits and young people trying to save for a deposit on their first home. Rising interest rates are also a sign of a growing economy, which creates... view article
June 8th 2022

Starting the conversation about aged care

Aged care conversations aren't easy - but they're better handled sooner rather than later.

Have you spoken to your ageing loved ones about their plans? When is it time to talk about aged care? How can you start the conversation? What do you need to talk about? Find out the answers here. Don't leave it too late to have an honest conversation about aged care options with your loved... view article
June 3rd 2022

Tax Time – Handy Hints from an Expert

As a busy working mum with three boys, Financial Planner, Isabel Dallas, understands that tax time can come around all too quickly each year. Here, Isabel offers some helpful suggestions to make tax time easier.

Step One – Take a Deep Breath! Most people are far from enthusiastic about tax time, but you can get more out of the experience if you prepare – and the first step is to work on your mindset. Tax time shouldn’t be a battle but instead, an opportunity to do some financial housekeeping, reflect on... view article
June 1st 2022

Why making additional super contributions can benefit you come tax time

Time is running out to make the most of your super for FY22. Get in touch with your adviser ASAP if you are considering making additional contributions.

The end of the financial year marks the start of tax time but before then it’s beneficial to assess your super contributions in order to maximise your tax benefit and grow your super balance. We encourage you to make any additional contributions before June 10th to ensure your payment is received in time and your balance is... view article
May 27th 2022

Our Biggest Morning Tea Yet!

On the 26th of May we held our annual Biggest Morning Tea event to help raise funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs, and advocacy.

This year marked our 5th Biggest Morning Tea event at Invest Blue, as we continue to grow as a business so too does the overwhelming support and enthusiasm behind this great initiative.     This year all our locations dialled in, making it out biggest morning tea yet with close to 300 of our people joining. As... view article
May 26th 2022