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The good and the bad of HECS debt

HECS debt can make a huge positive difference to someone’s life if it gives them the start to the career of their dreams. But it is a debt and will form part of your financial life for years to come.

According to research by Goldman Sachs, the Millenial Generation are our digital natives. They are social and connected with new technology. They also have less money to spend, are encumbered with debt, and have different priorities. One of the debt challenges many Millenials face is a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt. As this article... view article
November 15th 2019

Why is my fund under-performing?

Defining performance and managing expectations is all part of investing. Is it worth all the risk? What is the right time-frame? What fees are involved? We explore these questions and more.

When we carve out hard-earned dollars and squirrel them away in an investment, whether it be in Super or not, it can be worrying if we think our choice is not performing well against others. No one wants to think they made a mistake in their investment selection. It’s natural to want to make... view article
November 8th 2019

Your financial life after separation

What are the first steps you need to make to take control of your financial life when your relationship ends? What should you be prepared for?

No matter how a couple have arrived at the decision to separate, dividing up their financial lives can be a challenge. There are many things to consider financially during a separation, some need addressing quite quickly, others are better left to be more fully researched and considered. At Invest Blue, we have worked with... view article
November 5th 2019

Life in retirement

Here we share three client stories about enjoying life in retirement.

What’s in store for your retirement? Travel, hobbies, time for family, working part-time in a passion-career or maybe finding your feet after an unexpected event? In this article we share three of our Client Stories about life in retirement, and how financial advice has helped. Invest Blue has helped thousands of clients and their families... view article
October 30th 2019

How to choose the right financial adviser for you

Seeing a financial adviser could set you on a path to reaching your goals and dreams sooner, but how can you make sure you choose the right adviser and what should you look out for?

  We work hard for our money, so we want to see our money work just as hard. Seeing a financial adviser could set you on a path to reaching your goals and dreams sooner but how can you find the right financial adviser who can help you get there? The financial industry, over the last... view article
October 24th 2019

Ways to invest your money

Before putting your money into any investment option it’s important to make sure you understand, and are comfortable with, the level of risk involved, the investment timeframe, any potential costs involved, and how the product could help you reach your goals.

If you’re interested in seeing what your options are outside of investment property and super this article explores some of the different investment options available. Whether you are an experienced investor who has lived the rise and fall of markets or someone who is taking their first steps, it is important to identify and connect... view article
October 23rd 2019

Making the mental transition into retirement

How do you prepare for a mentally healthy retirement? We explore the key areas you need to be aware of and show you where financial advice can help.

Retirement is an exciting time of life - you have freedom! Without the obligations of work, you'll reap the joys of limitless free time, flexibility and the opportunity to pursue any manner of a personal project. It's certainly a time of your life to be celebrated. That said, there are bugbears that can come to... view article
October 18th 2019

Implementing your financial plan

Receiving financial advice is only the first step. The key to unlocking the benefits is through regular contact with your adviser and by changing behaviours to implement the recommendations made.

When you work with an adviser, particularly the first time, there is likely going to be recommendations to change elements of your financial life. This might mean setting up new bank accounts to help you save in a more structured way. You might take on a new investment portfolio. Perhaps you’ll consolidate your super... view article
October 16th 2019

Taking advantage of low interest rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) took the cash rate to another record low of 0.75% in October bringing mortgage rates to their lowest level in more than half a century. However, the low cash rate also means your money in the bank could be earning less interest.

Understand how a financial planner can support you with your need for financial security. Get in touch. [ninja_form id=37]   Why did the RBA cut rates? Rate cuts are a way for the RBA to help stimulate the economy. The idea is, when the RBA lowers the official cash rate, banks may follow suit and lower interest rates... view article
October 10th 2019