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Why making additional super contributions can benefit you come tax time

Time is running out to make the most of your super for FY22. Get in touch with your adviser ASAP if you are considering making additional contributions.

The end of the financial year marks the start of tax time but before then it’s beneficial to assess your super contributions in order to maximise your tax benefit and grow your super balance. We encourage you to make any additional contributions before June 10th to ensure your payment is received in time and your balance is... view article
May 27th 2022

Our Biggest Morning Tea Yet!

On the 26th of May we held our annual Biggest Morning Tea event to help raise funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs, and advocacy.

This year marked our 5th Biggest Morning Tea event at Invest Blue, as we continue to grow as a business so too does the overwhelming support and enthusiasm behind this great initiative.     This year all our locations dialled in, making it out biggest morning tea yet with close to 300 of our people joining. As... view article
May 26th 2022

Marriage separation and money

What help is available after separation? How do you start to map your financial future when your relationship ends? What are the first steps you need to take? What should you be prepared for?

What are your first steps? What help is available after separation? How do you start to map your financial future when your relationship ends? What are the first steps you need to take? What should you be prepared for? No matter how a couple have arrived at the decision to separate, dividing up their financial lives... view article
May 25th 2022

What is Salary Sacrificing and Salary Packaging All About?

Simon Ashman is a Financial Planner with Strategic Invest Blue. He is passionate about helping clients improve their financial position so that they can live their best possible lives. He enjoys taking the time to best understand the long-term goals that matter most to his clients and knows that for these goals to be achieved, key strategies need to be taken advantage of. Such strategies include salary sacrifice and salary packaging. Here, Simon shares his insight on both.

Who doesn’t want to make the most out of their hard-earned income and see more of it in their pocket or in their super fund? As experts in the field, we’re here to talk through options and set up tailor-made strategies for our clients that will make their goals attainable. At Strategic Invest Blue, that’s... view article
May 20th 2022

EOFY tax preparation for this year and next

The approaching EOFY can be overwhelming. For some, you may have just finished completing your personal tax affairs from the previous year, and it is time to start all over again. How can you make this process simpler? And what can a financial adviser do to help you make the most of your money come 30th of June each year?

A financial advisor can assist in streamlining your tax affairs. They can look at your complete financial picture and strategise your taxes accordingly. They may also be able to provide advice about your investments to minimise tax owing and see things that could be overlooked. Here are some areas you can consider for this... view article
May 18th 2022

What to do with a windfall or lump sum payment

So you’ve come into some money, now what to do with it?

First of all, what’s a windfall? Essentially, it’s a large sum of money that is received unexpectedly, whether it be winning it, acquired or just suddenly due to chance events. For most of us, a financial windfall isn’t something that comes around very often. And while the extra cash is welcome, money matters can be... view article
May 18th 2022

Understanding how loans work

It is useful to understand how loan repayments work. It’s not something that is uncommon too, at times, feel intimidated by. Loans and the ins and outs of understanding formulas and keywords are simpler than you think.

  Factors for loans with interest rates from 6.5% to 9% over 5 year to 30 year terms For example, if you had a loan of $100,000 at 7% and paid it back at   $899   a month, the loan would be paid off in 15 years (100 x 8.99). The factors illustrate the way compound interest works.... view article
May 18th 2022

Should I pay off my home loan with my super lump sum?

If you’re nearing retirement and keen to be debt-free when you get there, you may be considering whether taking your super as a lump sum to pay off your home loan is a good decision.

It might be tempting, but it may not be the best option for everyone. For instance, you may be able to remove or considerably reduce your home loan debt, but depending on how you choose to go about doing this, it could impact the overall amount of money you have left to fund your... view article
May 16th 2022

Weddings, Budgets and the all-important steps before saying ‘I Do’

We caught up with Financial Planner and newlywed, Taylor Mifsud for all the ins and outs of how to plan a wedding without blowing the budget!

  The word ‘wedding’ often conjures up beautiful memories and thoughts of romance, new beginnings and celebration. But there’s another word that goes hand in hand with weddings, certainly for the bride and groom and potentially their families too and that’s ‘spending.’ In times gone by it was often the tradition for the bride’s family to... view article
May 13th 2022