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Strategies to help business owners get ahead

Here are a few ways to improve your personal and business finances and learn what support is available. Help stay on top of your financial health and avoid business burnout.

Running your own business is immensely rewarding - but it does come with its own set of challenges. Not only do you have to keep your business afloat, but you also need to stay aware of your own financial health, never neglecting one for the other. The median weekly income for owner-managers in Australia... view article
September 9th 2019

How do you even start planning for retirement?

Planning for retirement can seem like a monumental task at any age. As many as one in five Australians aren't thinking about their financial future past retirement. Creating a plan as early as possible is the best way to ensure you'll be looked after.

How do you even start planning for retirement? Whether you're 25 or 50, planning for retirement can seem like a monumental task. As many as one in five Australians aren't thinking about their financial future past retirement, either because it simply feels too far away or they feel retirement planning is only for the wealthy,... view article
September 3rd 2019

Understanding the ins and outs of the new Protecting Your Super package.

The federal government has introduced new laws for protecting your superannuation from becoming eroded in accounts that aren’t being used. Here we look at the ins and outs of the ATO’s new Protecting Your Super Package.

The ins and outs of the Protecting Your Super package This year, the federal government introduced laws called the Protecting Your Super package. It’s a big deal because it addresses important changes to superannuation that are here to stay. In fact, there’s even been an industry-wide campaign about how it’s time to check your super. The... view article
August 29th 2019

How much superannuation do you need for a comfortable retirement?

It's a question that will run through all of our minds. How much superannuation do we need for a comfortable retirement? In this article we look at two types of retirement lifestyle: modest and comfortable, and how much singles and couples need.

  How much do you need to live a comfortable retirement? It's a question that, at one point or another, we're all going to run through our minds. And the thing is, everyone's definition of comfort is going to be different. Where an inner-city apartment coupled with international travel every year is one person's dream... view article
August 21st 2019

Divorce and superannuation: Splitting retirement savings

What will happen to your superannuation following separation? How is superannuation division decided? How can you arrange to split super with your ex-partner? Find out more in this article.

  Divorce or separation is rarely easy. On top of emotional hardship, organising the logistics of financial separation can be confusing. It’s important during times like this to remember to be kind to yourself and seek help when you need it. In Australia, as many as 49,000 divorces are granted each year, and the median duration... view article
August 16th 2019

How to start the conversation about aged care

Have you spoken to your ageing loved ones about their plans? When is it time to talk about aged care? How can you start the conversation? What do you need to talk about? Find out the answers here.

  Don't leave it too late to have an honest conversation about aged care options with your loved ones.   [caption id="attachment_11952" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Aged care conversations aren't easy - but they're better handled sooner rather than later.[/caption]   Research from McCrindle[1] shows that three in 10 Australians have been involved in organising care for a parent, but often... view article
August 9th 2019

How to stop fighting over finances

Why do we argue about money? How do we have healthier conversations about money? It’s time to stop fighting about money. Also check out our Whitepaper ‘Money Mindsets’ to explore different theories to get your conversations started.

  It's not uncommon for financial issues to put a strain on relationships. When you’re still finding your feet financially and romantically, there are plenty of ways for shared finances to go awry. Over half (52 per cent) of Australian couples say they argue about money, a[1] survey reveals - seven per cent of... view article
July 26th 2019

A millennial’s primer to all things superannuation

It’s never to early to start thinking about your Super – here are the basics of Australian superannuation.

  Over the past decade, Australian millennials like yourself have been getting involved with superannuation. From 2007 to 2017, millennials' share of super fund balances doubled from 6.4 per cent to 14.6 per cent, according to Roy Morgan. That said, McCrindle reports that millennials account for over one-third of the Australian workforce - so there's... view article
July 15th 2019

Face to face with financial advice – the first meeting

What does the first meeting with a financial planner look like? Learn how it is done at Invest Blue.

  The thought of coming face to face with financial advice… do the possibilities excite you? Or does it all seem a little overwhelming? You might feel like you want support with money matters, but don’t know who to turn to or trust. You may also be unsure if your situation warrants a full financial... view article
July 12th 2019