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How risky is risk? How to find an investment you are comfortable with.

Demystifying the fear of risk… is it that scary? We explore investing with a risk you’re comfortable with.

Ahhhh risk. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? How do you demystify it? What steps can you take to use it to your advantage? What is it all about? Or if we look at it in investment terms, how do you find a level of risk you are comfortable with?*Disclaimer: All information in this article... view article
February 19th 2020

Why Australians Seek Advice

How many Australians are seeking advice? When are they seeking advice? What are the barriers? In this article we look at recent research commissioned by ASIC and look at who is getting ahead of the game when it comes to financial security.

A recent report commissioned by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) reveals that while 27% of Australians have sought advice, 45% are looking for help when it comes to investments[1]. We all want our money to work harder, and in the report titled ‘Financial Advice: What consumers really think’, we see that 79%... view article
February 14th 2020

Can you do more with your super?

A little effort and clarity can go a long way when it comes to your superannuation.

Superannuation can be confusing. You can end up with more than one. It usually holds valuable insurance policies. There are choices about which fund to chose and which risk profile to set. Often, unless retirement is quickly approaching, we don't put much thought, time or effort into considering these variables. But trust us, a... view article
February 12th 2020

The cost of caution when funding your retirement

As a society, how are we doing funding our own retirements? Do we have enough? Have we considered the right level of risk at the right time? The cost of caution is about taking on the right amount of risk at the right time. Here we explore this within the context funding your retirement.

 Each year, the percentage of Australians able to retire fully or partially funded grows each year[1]. This is largely due to the success of superannuation policy (forced savings) as well as a result of asset values being relatively high in recent years.Superannuation is one way to fund retirement, however, what are the different kinds... view article
February 5th 2020

HECS Part 2 – How to manage student debt

Welcome to part two of the good and bad of HECS debt where we interview one of our Financial Advisers to discuss what to be aware of when managing student debt.

Welcome to Part 2 of the good and the bad of HECS debt, how to manage your student debt. HECS or HELP debt (Higher Educational Contribution Scheme / Loan Programme) is a government program that has allowed millions of Australians to go to University by taking on a government loan. In fact, as of... view article
January 31st 2020

10 week money bounce back challenge

Summer can be a time when our money habits slip, perhaps Christmas or a Holiday have blown the budget. Join us in getting back in shape, financially.

READY FOR A FINANCIAL BOUNCE BACK? Saving isn’t always easy, but it is essential in reaching long term financial goals such as buying a house or preparing for retirement. Whether you went a bit silly over the festive season or are simply lacking some motivation and ready to start prioritising your financial health again, this... view article
January 24th 2020

Retirement hotspots – where to invest your money

We’ve spent our whole lives working for this moment, the day start our new era of living in the golden days of retirement, but where does one choose to retire? We’ve done the research for you and have provided our top picks, taking into consideration investment and lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve decided on a sea change or looking for a more relaxed lifestyle by the coast. You’ve worked hard for this moment so it’s in your best interest to be in the place that makes you happiest. Was there a town that always felt like your very own piece of heaven? The kids... view article
January 23rd 2020

Bushfire Relief: Financial Support & Donating Guide

Financial support available to those affected by bushfires and how to support others in need.

As our country continues to work through the worst bush fire season on record, the number of people impacted continues to rise. We are all incredibly saddened by the tremendous loss our country has suffered and is still suffering through, so we wanted to reach out to our people, especially those in impacted. If... view article
January 21st 2020

Spotlight on Personal Loans – trends and ways to repay your loan faster

With two in five Aussie adults having taken out a personal loan, they are a popular way of paying for major purchases. Paying them off can be a challenge however, and it may be worthwhile speaking with a Financial Adviser to consolidate your debt and work out the best strategy to get back in the black faster.

 A personal loan is a form of credit provided to you by a lender, such as a bank, credit union or other financial entity such as a peer-to-peer lender. These types of loans are usually taken out to purchase a vehicle, renovate a home, consolidate debt, take a holiday, a special occasion such as... view article
January 16th 2020