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Why we resist financial advice

What's stopping so many of us from seeking help? Let's examine the anxieties that may be holding many of us back.

  In our increasingly complex world, we're faced with more financial decisions than ever before. The environment we make these decisions in is growing more confusing, as well. There's endless information to process, economic changes to understand and life events to plan for. Despite this, fewer than 40 per cent of Australian adults has ever used... view article
June 17th 2019

Is it worth paying for a financial planner?

How much does financial planning cost? Does professional financial planning pay off? What other benefits can financial planning bring? Is a financial adviser worth your time and money?

  When it comes to finances, a lot of us are wandering through the dark. Over one-third of Australians don't feel confident when it comes to managing their money, and a similar proportion finds finances to be stressful and overwhelming, according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The same report shows that nearly half... view article
June 12th 2019

Protecting your Super and Insurance, what does it mean?

Recently, the Federal Government introduced the Protecting Your Super package. The intent behind the legislation is to ensure that the premiums for insurance policies inside super don’t erode the balance of inactive accounts. With the automation of closing Insurance accounts for those inactive accounts, many Australians could find themselves under-insured.

If you hold a Superanuation account that has been inactive (not received any contributions for 16 months or more) and you have not already notified your Super Fund that you wish to retain your insurance, it could be cancelled from 1 July 2019. If you have already taken action, or you are certain that you... view article
June 11th 2019

A better way to treat yourself: Spending money on time

Managing your money doesn't just mean scrimping and saving - it's about finding balance and choosing to spend or save in a way that sparks joy in your life.

  There's no shame in treating yourself to something nice when you have a sudden windfall of cash - but there could be smarter ways to achieve this. While a spa day or a fresh wardrobe feels great at the moment and maybe even for a while afterwards, there's a lot to consider when you start... view article
June 7th 2019

10 money conversations to have when your relationship heats up

It’s probably not the sexiest thing the two of you have on the to-do list but putting off talking about your financial expectations could see you butting heads.

  If you have been together for a while or are edging on making a big financial decision together, having the money talk could make a big difference to whether you go the distance. Here is a list of things worth discussing with your partner before you consider merging your money, moving in together, or buying... view article
June 6th 2019

Federal Election 2019 – What Does it Mean to Me?

What does the election result mean to you? How can it help with your financial journey now and in the future? Read on to digest the list.

  With a Coalition win in the election, the economy is looking to be more stable in the short-term at least. There are also some short-term opportunities presented by the Coalition’s election policies and through maintaining a “business as usual” approach. What does this mean, however, in terms of benefits to you? How can you... view article
June 4th 2019

Ageing parents

Help them make the most of their twilight years

These days, people live longer and fuller lives than ever before. Our parents and relatives hopefully have long and fulfilling post-retirement years to look forward to. If you would like to discuss your options and how you might manage it from a financial perspective, please get in touch. [ninja_form id=37]   Everyone's circumstances are different and your loved... view article
May 27th 2019

How tax works when giving or receiving an inheritance

Have you considered whether there are any tax obligations when it comes to inheriting? Here's what you need to consider when giving or receiving an inheritance.

  For many, leaving something behind to help out our loved ones after we pass is extremely important. However, if handled incorrectly, tax can often take a large chunk out of what the beneficiary receives. Here's what you need to know, whether giving or receiving an inheritance, to ensure the most is made out of... view article
May 20th 2019

How to improve your financial health

Are you worried about your financial health? With a bit of tender loving care, and a few other tricks, you can improve your financial well-being.

  One in five employees in Australia are stressed about their finances, according to AMP's 2018 Financial Wellness report. Additionally, many people find that their personal wellbeing suffers due to the state of their money, as worry and stress often result in issues such as poor sleep. Your relationship with money is give-and-take. In order for... view article
May 15th 2019