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Taking control of your finances in 2021

As we enter a New Year now is a great time to reflect on the lessons learnt in 2020 and take control of your financial picture in 2021

As we all know from previous years it is just as easy to break your New Year's resolutions as it is to make them. It comes down to creating an achievable plan and staying committed to reaching your end goal even if there are some sacrifices on the way. From the turmoil of what was... view article
January 14th 2021

The financial resolutions that nobody keeps – and how to do them right

Making a list of resolutions is easy enough - it's the implementing it that's hard

"I'm going to start going to the gym." "I'm going to read War and Peace." "I'm going to call my mother more." Most of us make resolutions that we can't stick to. In fact, Finder research from last year showed that 58 per cent of us broke our resolutions. The thing is, a lot these pledges could... view article
December 28th 2020

What investment experts predict for Australia in 2021?

2020 was full of surprises and challenges as COVID-19 reared its head. Markets and economies took a massive hit, but what will the new year bring?

  There’s no doubt 2020 was full of surprises and challenges as COVID-19 reared its head - quickly escalating, forcing severe lockdowns and prompting massive government stimulus measures globally. We know markets and economies took a massive hit in 2020, but what will the new year bring?   In a recent report released by global investment experts,... view article
December 23rd 2020

Year in review at Invest Blue

What a year it has been, whilst 2020 has presented its challenges it has also presented us with a lot of bright spots worth celebrating. 

Looking back to the start of the year, it is hard then to even imagine the worldwide events that would unfold throughout 2020. Whilst we continue to face challenges presented by COVID-19 it has been amazing to see the strength in our communities throughout the period. We continue to strive towards our goal of helping... view article
December 23rd 2020

Supporting our communities through the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, which is why giving back, supporting those in need and creating a sense of community is so important this year.

From droughts, fires, floods and COVID-19, Australians have faced it all this year. As we enter the holiday season our thoughts and well wishes go out to all of you. We know from personal experiences many of us won’t be able to reconnect with loved this year and Christmas may look a little different from... view article
December 18th 2020

How 2020 changed our financial attitude and mindset?

Looking back to Christmas last year, it was hard to imagine the events that would unfold in 2020. There was much uncertainty and financial disruptions, which had many Australians change their financial attitude and forced us to question what our financial recovery plan was for the year ahead.

Although 2020 produced moments of fear and uncertainty, it was also a time where we were given the opportunity to pause, learn a few lessons, reprioritise and adjust to a new normal. And, as the year comes to a close and the holiday season approaches, we discuss how the last 12 months may have changed... view article
December 10th 2020

Holiday spending and the economy

Did you know last year Australians spent $52.9 billion dollars over the festive season? Given the ongoing financial impacts of COVID-19, we share some key insights into the 2020 expected holiday spending figures and how you can further support the Australian economy.

Recent insights from the Australians Retailers Association reveal Christmas holiday spending is expected to increase by 2.8 per cent this year, injecting $54.3 billion dollars into the economy. This may come as a surprise considering the financial disruptions many have faced this year due to COVID-19.   If you would like to discuss your options and... view article
December 2nd 2020

Negative Vs Positive Geared Investment Properties

Gearing is the process of using borrowed money to make investments. The income from investments can either be positively geared or negatively geared, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to choosing any investment your timeline, goals, overall financial position, and risk tolerance should always be front of mind. Once you understand what your goals and motives are, considerations such as choosing a negative or positive geared property can then be considered.   If you would like to discuss your options and how... view article
November 27th 2020

How much does a single person need to retire?

Did you know over the last decade there has been a rise in Australians living and retiring solo? So, you’re not alone! Financially it can be harder for singles in retirement compared to couples, and many people do wonder how much does a single person need to retire?

With divorce rates highest amongst those nearing retirement (eg. aged 50 ) as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this is a key reason for why more Australians are entering retirement single. There are of course many other reasons you may find yourself retiring single such as from separation, a partner passing or simply... view article
November 20th 2020