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Australians seeking advice – what are the trends?

Australians are increasingly investing in advice for their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

As much as the current turbulent times have closed many doors, it is safe to say that they have opened many, too! On one hand, we have become more sensible and sensitive to the environment, sustainability, and expenses. On the other hand, we have increased our spending on advice and education to weather the... view article
May 26th 2020

Financial New Year – your 2020 financial reboot

2020 started off a little unexpectedly, your grand travel plans may have been cancelled and many will be feeling the financial impact of the Coronavirus for some time, it’s important not to lose sight of your goals however large or small. The start of the new financial year brings the perfect opportunity for a 2020 reboot!

Before we enter the new financial year, now is the perfect time to reset or readjust your goals, tidy up your finances and put plans in place to be more financially savvy and efficient for the 2020 financial year. Below we discuss the areas you should consider reviewing, you can use this as a... view article
May 21st 2020

A guide to talking to kids about money

6 easy steps to get the money conversation started with your kids.

Knowing how to explain money to a child, teaching kids the value of money, budgeting and the all-important pocket money conversation are all challenges parents will face at some stage.You don’t necessarily need to be specific with what you earn and spend, but money shouldn’t be a taboo subject and we shouldn’t shelter our... view article
May 19th 2020

State Government Coronavirus Relief Packages

How the New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian state governments have responded with financial support for businesses, communities and individuals.

The light at the end of the tunnel brightens day by day, but we still have a way to go with our fight against the Coronavirus. The financial impact of this fight has been felt by many Australian businesses and individuals, and our governments have responded, reaching out with helping hands.Below is a summary... view article
May 15th 2020

Is now a good time to invest in the property market?

The Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we have seen or experienced in our lifetime, impacting all facets of life and economy, including lives, livelihoods, GDP of nations, equity markets, commodity markets, and property markets. So, is now a good time to purchase your next home or is it best to wait it out?

Impact of COVID-19 on the property markets in Australia The real estate prices in Australia have been a steady market for the past couple of years. According to recent reports, the average price of houses across Australia went up by 7.5% between March 2019 to March 2020.In the recent months since the outbreak of the... view article
May 14th 2020

Is now a good time to invest in shares?

The drop in the share market might have you thinking, is now the time to make your move and buy some shares? For those of you already invested in the share market you may be experiencing some fear and uncertainty around your investments and already understand the risk of the game.

Investing in shares is like any other investment, ideally, you want to buy in at a good price and hope the price will increase over time. There are many things to consider before buying in, firstly having the financial backing to buy and then deciding what to buy, where to buy and when to... view article
May 12th 2020

Supporting drought affected farmers with Buy a Bale fundraiser

Each quarter, the people at Invest Blue focus our effort and energy to a different cause hoping to do a little bit to help others in need. In the past we have supported the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea (and we will again this year, with a virtual tea!), the Red Cross’ LifeBlood program, and Share the Dignity to name a few.

Last quarter Invest Blue supported Rural Aid's Buy a Bale fundraiser to help raise much-needed funds for farmers in need. Farmers across Australia have been faced with some of the driest conditions recorded in the last century, causing water supplies and pastures to completely dry up.Buy a Bale supports Australian farmers facing hardship due... view article
May 11th 2020

How technology is enabling ‘business as usual’ during COVID-19

For many years, our practice has been taking advantage of technology as it has evolved. We have always believed that technology can be a great enabler to allow for better client experience, a more efficient and enjoyable workplace for our people, as well as greater consistency and compliance in our work.

Given that we are one big team working across more than 15 locations, we needed cloud-based tools that enable us to communicate well with each other and share our work across specialist teams.In late March when we were forced into remote working overnight, we were able to do so nearly seamlessly, thanks to the... view article
May 6th 2020

When to pull out of an investment

Given the volatility of the market and talk of a looming recession, we would not be surprised to hear you are currently feeling a level of uncertainty around your investments, especially for those heavily invested in stocks and shares or are expecting to access their super in the next few years.

It is really normal to be nervous or afraid for the future when the price of your investment drops quickly. But should you sell? Markets rise and fall daily which is why we always suggest a long-term investment strategy is key to ride out market volatility. The length of time in which you choose to... view article
April 30th 2020