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Our take on the Federal Budget 2020 – winners and the forgotten

What do we think about the Federal Budget 2020?

Compared to other years the latest budget is relatively tame, with little change that would have an immediate impact on the financial advice we give our clients. With that said, some areas came out on top and some opportunities were missed altogether. This year’s 2020 Federal Budget was one of the most critical for the... view article
October 27th 2020

Current scams in Australia targeting your hip pocket

Did you know in the last year the combined financial losses of current scams in Australia were over $634 million as reported by ACCC’s Scamwatch?

A terrible reality many Australians are facing as sophisticated scams target our vulnerabilities and become more prevalent during the ongoing health and financial crisis we’re experiencing. You may think that these scams only affect our older Australians, when in fact they’re painfully swindling most age groups at a similar rate. Those aged 55 to 64... view article
October 16th 2020

Your super & covid-19

In this month’s edition of Ask an Adviser, we interview our Financial Planner Tony Martin to answer your top asked superannuation questions and address some concerns our clients have had about their super during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic we have been able to help our clients navigate any changes they face to their financial position, throughout this time we have also received a number of queries in regards to changes to superannuation, the 10k super early release and how to get your super balance back on track. To... view article
October 15th 2020

Strategies to Reduce Tax in Retirement

When planning for retirement, reviewing ways to manage and reduce your tax is integral to your financial strategy. After all, you want to ensure you’re maximising your hard-earned money and investments so you can be out living your best possible life.

The first step to creating strategies to reduce tax is to learn as much as you can about how taxes are applied after retirement. The major portion of your income post-retirement is like to come from superannuation funds in the form of pension. A part of the money in super accounts is taxable, including... view article
October 2nd 2020

Living your dream life in retirement

Retirement is the time to live the life you have always dreamt about, and that dream can be different for everyone. We share some of our clients’ dreams and what steps you should implement now so you too can live your dream life in retirement.

What does it mean to live your dreams?   The dream retirement will look different for everyone, it varies with what you want in life, what dreams mean to you, and how you see the world around you. Living your dreams is about understanding what is important for you and your family and having a clear... view article
October 1st 2020

How technology has changed the way we spend and manage our money

Technology has had a huge impact on the financial industry; it's completely changed how we spend and manage our money, as well as how we budget.

What once used to require a trip to the bank can now be achieved almost anywhere through a few clicks on your mobile. We've gone from cheque books being an everyday essential to today’s almost cashless society. While these changes have made managing our finances more efficient it has also raised some new challenges... view article
September 21st 2020

Living Off Investment Properties in Retirement

The Australian dream of owning a home still stands strong. For many, home ownership forms part of their retirement plan and can even provide or build part of an income to live off once retired.

There are several investment options that can form part of your retirement plan; these may include your superannuation, stocks, shares, bonds, cash and properties. Investing in properties has been a popular choice for Australians over the decades and is an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio and reduce the associated risks. On one... view article
September 15th 2020

First Home Buyers on the Rise in 2020

Entering the property for the first time has been increasingly more difficult over the years due to increasing pricing and affordability of the property market however 2020 has presented some unique opportunities that first home buyers have been quick to take advantage of.

First Home Buyers Uprising in 2020 Before the coronavirus outbreak, the property prices in metro cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, were up 12%-14% year-over-year making it increasingly difficult each year for those wanting to enter the market. The property market in Australia, like other aspects of the economy, is expected to be impacted by the... view article
September 10th 2020

Tiny Houses, Big Impact

How tiny homes have revolutionised the way we live

The ‘Tiny Homes’ trend has taken the world by storm over recent years. Whilst it may not be a brand new concept (people have been living in cabins, granny flats and caravans for decades now), these miniature designer homes have become extremely popular, challenging architects, designers, builders and even investors in new ways. In this... view article
September 4th 2020