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Living Off Investment Properties in Retirement

The Australian dream of owning a home still stands strong. For many, home ownership forms part of their retirement plan and can even provide or build part of an income to live off once retired.

There are several investment options that can form part of your retirement plan; these may include your superannuation, stocks, shares, bonds, cash and properties. Investing in properties has been a popular choice for Australians over the decades and is an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio and reduce the associated risks. On one... view article
September 15th 2020

First Home Buyers on the Rise in 2020

Entering the property for the first time has been increasingly more difficult over the years due to increasing pricing and affordability of the property market however 2020 has presented some unique opportunities that first home buyers have been quick to take advantage of.

First Home Buyers Uprising in 2020 Before the coronavirus outbreak, the property prices in metro cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, were up 12%-14% year-over-year making it increasingly difficult each year for those wanting to enter the market. The property market in Australia, like other aspects of the economy, is expected to be impacted by the... view article
September 10th 2020

Tiny Houses, Big Impact

How tiny homes have revolutionised the way we live

The ‘Tiny Homes’ trend has taken the world by storm over recent years. Whilst it may not be a brand new concept (people have been living in cabins, granny flats and caravans for decades now), these miniature designer homes have become extremely popular, challenging architects, designers, builders and even investors in new ways. In this... view article
September 4th 2020

Boosting Your Super After Accessing 10k Withdrawal

If you were one of the many who accessed the governments early super release program after being financially impacted by COVID-19 you may want to consider ways to boost your super to ensure your retirement savings goals remain on track.

Impact of Dip or Early Withdrawal Over 1.8 million Australians have withdrawn a total of $13.5 billion from their super accounts to support them during these uncertain times. The early withdrawal scheme was available for those financially impacted by COVID-19 giving them the ability to access up to $10,000 in the 19-20 financial year and... view article
September 3rd 2020

Buying shares vs investing more into your super

There are multiple avenues to save and invest money. The money in your super is invested by your fund, in shares, on your behalf. So you may be wondering if it's worth buying shares outside of your super, or investing extra into your super.

While your superannuation is built mostly from compulsory employer contributions, you also have the option to make personal voluntary contributions. This is a great way to put your savings into an investment. Another option is to build your own share portfolio outside of your superannuation. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so you will need... view article
August 28th 2020

What does financial advice cost? A Conversation About Fees

Often, the price you are willing to pay for a product is determined by how much value you place on it, do you go for the cheaper pair of shoes or the ones that cost more but you know will last you longer? Unlike physical products, services can be a little harder to understand what exactly you’re paying for and what value to place on it. When you do seek advice, it’s important to have trust in and value the advice of your adviser, but it is also important to understand the fee structure and actual cost of the advice you are paying for.

Financial Planning is complex and extensive research goes into determining the exact advice we deliver. We don’t only analyse market performance when determining advice, we also consider your lifestyle, age, dream and goals to ensure we can help you live your best possible life.   Are you looking towards the future however aren't sure how to... view article
August 26th 2020

Weathering the pandemic – how to minimise financial stress

The pandemic has impacted the way we have lived our lives for most of 2020 and we now live in a new sense of normal. With predictions that coronavirus will still be circulating into 2021, the financial and mental implications are of great concern as families and individuals are continuing to be impacted.

With daily headlines and news updates highlighting the pandemic, it seems as a society we have become somewhat numb to the information we are being provided. When seeking information about the facts and support, we're all feeling a little drowned by the masses. In this article, we hope to deliver proactive steps to minimise financial... view article
August 21st 2020

A recession is approaching, what should you do now?

Australia is approaching its first recession in almost three decades. The coronavirus pandemic and the bushfires have heavily impacted the country and its economy. Despite the government’s measures and support, the economy of Australia declined by 0.3% just in the first three months of 2020. It’s important to prepare for the upcoming challenging financial times and make an emergency plan around your finances.

Imminent Recession in Australia The year 2020 has been one of the most devastating ones for Australia and the world. Australia had been hit hard by the bushfires starting in 2019 and continuing till 2020. While the country was still recovering, the global COVID-19 pandemic came in full swing and derailed the already struggling economy. The... view article
August 19th 2020

Why financial advice has never been more important

In times of uncertainty and market volatility, the pre-work that goes into a solid financial plan kicks into gear. Having a good financial plan that considers both the protection of your wealth as well as its long-term growth can play a huge difference in you how you weather financially during these periods.

  One of the main reason’s Australians seeks advice is that they are ready to create and implement change in their life. This could be a change in their life stage like wanting to buy a new home, marriage or divorce, or getting ready for retirement. We can often control when these types of change... view article
August 13th 2020