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Simple guide to budgeting

Don't let the fear of the unknown stress you out. Build a budget and get clear on where you stand.

One of the greatest sources of money stress is uncertainty. Not knowing where you stand financially can be a source of anxiety. By understanding what you spend now, you can provide yourself with some clarity. You are then able to make informed decisions about what needs to happen next. The basics of budgeting Budgets are made... view article
March 30th 2020

Ways to reduce your home loan during COVID-19

Considering deferring your home loan during COVID-19? What are the pros and cons of this option and what should be considered before taking up this offer? What else might be available?

We are a nation now facing financial hardship with three million Australians predicted to lose their jobs during the coronavirus outbreak and unemployment rates soar to the highest since 1932. If you are one of these three million, it could have you questioning how you're going to get by and what options are available... view article
March 27th 2020

Capturing Long-Term Returns

What is the upside and downside capture, portfolio comparisons and the power of compounding.

The following article was shared with us by Zenith Investment Partners, our current Investment research partner. It is technical in nature. If you would like more information or clarification, please reach out to your adviser. Given the magnitude of market declines caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, investors are undoubtedly focusing on how their portfolios have... view article
March 26th 2020

Update on financial support available during COVID-19 outbreak

The Government and Financial Institutions have released a number of measures to support Australians through the economic hardships caused by coronavirus.

As the impacts and consequences of the coronavirus are escalating, we want to assure you that we remain vigilant in our support for all our clients. Everyone’s health and safety are of paramount importance and we will continue our workplace measures of working remotely and engaging with you over the phone or video conference.... view article
March 23rd 2020

How is our business preparing for and managing the risk of COVID-19?

Corona Virus or COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus and we can all play a part in minimising the speed and spread of this illness in our communities.

Invest Blue recognises our responsibility to the communities we live within and have taken additional steps today so we don’t unnecessarily expose clients or our communities to the COVID-19 (Corona) Virus. The advice in this area changes rapidly, but as of today, 16th March, we are acting on the guidelines of Social Distancing. This... view article
March 16th 2020

Financial Security Tops List as Number One Life Goal

New research by Credit Card Compare has revealed that Financial Security tops the list as the number one life goal for Australians! The revelation is astonishing as financial security has left behind the other potential contenders, including homeownership, being successful at work, and starting a family.

 According to the research, 77% of the Australians consider financial security as their top life goal as compared to 49% placing owning a house as the top life goal and 37% with having a family as the top priority in their life.  Understand how a financial adviser can support you with your need for financial... view article
March 4th 2020

Financial wellness in the workplace

Lack of financial wellness in Australia causes a loss of $31.1 billion in revenue per year. Employers and business’s lay strong emphasis on emotional health, physical and psychological wellbeing; however, financial wellness is often ignored.

The significance of financial wellness in the workplace is understated at most times. The truth of the matter is that financial wellness has a substantial impact on an individual’s and the company’s success. When employees are stressed about their finances, it not only impacts their productivity and efficiency but also the overall performance of the... view article
February 28th 2020

Out with the prenup and in with the pronup!

The famous prenuptial agreement; how can we avoid a prenup and better handle our finances in a relationship. Introducing the pronup!

We’re all familiar with the famous prenuptial agreement but what if there was a better way to handle your finances in a relationship? We want to introduce you to a new agreement that leaves the negative stigma of relationships and money behind and comes with a positive twist in the hope of making those... view article
February 25th 2020

How risky is risk? How to find an investment you are comfortable with.

Demystifying the fear of risk… is it that scary? We explore investing with a risk you’re comfortable with.

Ahhhh risk. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? How do you demystify it? What steps can you take to use it to your advantage? What is it all about? Or if we look at it in investment terms, how do you find a level of risk you are comfortable with?*Disclaimer: All information in this article... view article
February 19th 2020