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Is superannuation a good investment?

There’s a common misperception that superannuation is an investment, however, it’s really a place to save in a low-tax environment where you get to choose how it’s invested, Financial Adviser Tony Daly explains.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t access your super until you reach a certain age and when considering investing in your superannuation, your current age and stage in life are necessary factors to take into account. For example, with super generally accessed at the age of 65, financial experts are likely... view article
August 10th 2022

A Will to give

As baby boomers shift into retirement, Australia is on the brink of the nation’s biggest ever intergenerational wealth transfer. Yet estate or inheritance planning is rarely discussed by families.

Talking openly about how you want your assets to be passed on can help avoid family disputes that take a toll both financially and emotionally. It provides a certain peace of mind for you – that your intentions will be met – and for your family and friends. Certainly, the stakes have never been higher,... view article
August 4th 2022

Buying an Investment Property – An Overview

Nick Tremayne is a Financial Planner with Hobart’s Strategic Invest Blue. He enjoys helping people navigate the complexities of the financial world and finds it fulfilling to bring peace of mind to his clients so that they have more time for the things they love. Here, Nick discusses in brief the pros and cons of investment properties.

Australians have grown to love ‘bricks and mortar’. Understandably, owning property is an aspiration for many and people often commence their property journey by wishing to own a property outright (with no debt owed to a bank). The past 20 years have seen a steep rise in people striving to buy and own investment properties. By... view article
July 29th 2022

Why choose Invest Blue?

Financial advice isn’t just about investments and superannuation. At Invest Blue, we are here to help you define your goals and understand which strategies suit you best so ultimately you can live your best possible life.

No matter what stage of life you are in we are here to challenge you to dream, help keep you on track and help you navigate through the big things in life. From your first home, though to transitioning into retirement and even aged care. By having our specialists all working together under one roof... view article
July 26th 2022

What is Financial Planning

Financial planning is much more than choosing products and investment funds. At Invest Blue financial planning it is about creating a plan that is designed to empower you to live your best possible life.

Financial planning all starts with a conversation about you, your values, goals and dreams. From there we can look into reviewing your current situation and look for opportunities to help you get ahead.   What Is A Financial Plan? Australian Investments and Securities Commission (ASIC)* says a good financial plan should: Summarise your financial position. List your... view article
July 21st 2022

How does your mortgage stack up to others?

When was the last time you reviewed your home loan?

No two mortgages will suit the same person. In fact, it's possible that your own mortgage could become unsuitable for your needs just as time passes. As your life situation changes, so too do your finances, interest rates and priorities. High levels of debt can be a serious issue for anyone vulnerable to serviceability... view article
July 18th 2022

How to get back on track with your finances

Is now the time to get back on track with your finances and start achieving your dreams and goals?

Let's get back on track! Are you feeling off track or disorganised with your goals and plans for the future? We want to help you at whatever stage you’re at, whether you are just starting your career, or well on the way to your retirement, it is never too early to think about what... view article
July 7th 2022

July 1 brings big changes to super

New rules coming into force on July 1 will create opportunities for older Australians to boost their retirement savings and younger Australians to build a home deposit, all within the tax-efficient superannuation system.

Using the existing First Home Super Saver Scheme, people can now release up to $50,000 from their super account for a first home deposit, up from $30,000 previously. Another change that will help low-income earners and people who work in the gig economy is the scrapping of the Super Guarantee (SG) threshold. Previously, employees only... view article
July 1st 2022

Making sense of allocated pensions

Approaching retirement?

If retirement is on the horizon, you’ve probably heard about an allocated pension (also known as an account-based pension and retirement account) as one of the income stream options available. We’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions about allocated pensions to help you navigate your way. What is an allocated pension? An allocated pension is a... view article
June 24th 2022