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Ask an Adviser – What is Debt Recycling?

What is debt recycling? It sounds a bit like throwing out your old debt and taking on new debt, right? Exactly!

*Todd Burrows In a nutshell, debt recycling is simply borrowing money to invest but with a twist. The twist is that it’s a system that allows you to replace your ‘bad debt’ with ‘good debt’. ‘Good debt’ and ‘bad debt’ are terms coined by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling finance book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.... view article
January 19th 2022

2021 year end review

There are no prizes for guessing what dominated the economic landscape in 2021. For the second year running, the pandemic was the focus for policy makers, markets, businesses, and individuals alike.

The year began with hopes that the rollout of vaccines around the globe would stem the spread of COVID-19 and allow economies to reopen. Instead, most countries were hit by wave after wave of the virus, periodic lockdowns, and ongoing disruption to lives and livelihoods. Yet there were also positives. Australia’s vaccination rate exceeded all... view article
January 14th 2022

Reaching your dreams and goals in 2022

When it comes to goals for the next 12 months, the FPA survey found people were split between hitting a savings goal (52 per cent) and going on holiday (44 per cent) as their top priority.

After a difficult year of COVID disruptions and uncertainty, the summer holidays can’t come quickly enough. It’s a chance to refresh and reflect on the year that was and hopefully set some goals for the year ahead. Yet this year more than most, many of us may feel that our personal and financial priorities have... view article
December 17th 2021

12 tips when discussing aged care options with loved ones this Christmas

We are joined by Financial Planner and Aged Care Specialist Shaun Akroyd, to share his 12 tips when considering aged care and how to approach it with loved ones this Christmas.

Christmas can be a stressful and emotional time for many people; in addition to the cooking, presents, and visiting schedules, many people are also faced with the need to look at aged care for themselves or a loved one.   So, if the conversation this Christmas turns to aged care, here are my tips for navigating... view article
December 15th 2021

Spreading joy this holiday season with the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

The holiday season is fast approaching. And as we come to the end of another challenging year, which has been particularly trying on those already facing hardship, we ask you to join us in spreading some extra joy by supporting the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

From ongoing COVID-19 impacts, border closures separating loved ones and an increase in housing and living affordability in many areas across Australia, it is now more important than ever to come together as a community and support those who need it most this Christmas. For the fourth year running, we are proud to be supporting... view article
December 14th 2021

Ask an Adviser – What is Trauma Insurance and why do I need it?

We caught up with Financial Adviser Luke Warren from our Armidale office to discuss Trauma Insurance. Having also practised law, Luke has seen firsthand the ramifications of things going awry in people’s lives. Such insight inspires him to help his clients in making the very best decisions for their financial future.

Here, Luke provides a brief overview of this all-important insurance cover. Q. What is Trauma Insurance? As the name suggests, Trauma Insurance assists people who have experienced something traumatic in their lives. It’s also known as Critical Illness Insurance or Recovery Insurance. It’s one of the more important insurances with respect to what it actually covers and... view article
December 7th 2021

Ask an Adviser – What’s the Point of a Financial Adviser?

Why not manage your own finances? Surely, it’s not that hard? These are the questions I’m often asked in social circumstances when people realize I’m a Financial Adviser.

I understand why these questions come up. Why pay for something you can do yourself? All it takes is a bit of time, effort, and research, right? Well, it’s not that straightforward. In fact, I often liken it to building a house. Sure, some of us could learn the necessary skills to build a home... view article
November 16th 2021

Boost your retirement income using your home equity

Asset rich and income poor is the dilemma faced by many retirees. But there may be opportunities to boost your income in retirement by tapping into your biggest asset – your home.

With property prices booming, many retirees are finding that the home they have lived in for decades is worth a small fortune, but for various reasons, they don’t wish to sell or downsize. What many may not realise is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Or, in this case, convert part... view article
November 4th 2021

Buying shares vs investing more into your super

There are multiple avenues to save and invest money. The money in your super is invested by your fund, in shares, on your behalf. So you may be wondering if it's worth buying shares outside of your super, or investing extra into your super.

While your superannuation is built mostly from compulsory employer contributions, you also have the option to make personal voluntary contributions. This is a great way to put your savings into an investment. Another option is to build your own share portfolio outside of your superannuation. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so you will need... view article
September 10th 2021