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Market Updates

After the third round of talks made little progress last week, the US/China trade war has escalated badly with tit for tat moves on an almost daily basis by each side. This note looks at the key issues.
August 12th 2019
As widely anticipated, the US Federal Reserve has cut its key Fed Funds cash rate by 0.25% to a range of 2-2.25%. This is the Fed’s first rate cut since December 2008 and follows nine 0.25% rate hikes between December 2015 and December last year.
August 2nd 2019
Issues around the trade war and tensions with Iran certainly pose a risk to US growth and could drive short term volatility in share markets.
July 24th 2019
On the 2nd of July, we saw the Reserve Bank cut the official cash rate again by 0.25%, pushing rates down to a new record low of 1%. But despite those all-time lows we believe investors can expect rates to fall even further.
July 16th 2019
Returns are likely to be okay over 2019-20 as conditions are not in place for recession. But expect constrained returns - say around 6% for a diversified fund - and bouts of volatility.
July 3rd 2019
There must be some positives around. And there are! So, to inject some balance into the debate around Australia here is a list of positives. They are partly why we don’t see Australia as being about to plunge into recession.
June 19th 2019
I have been working in and around investment markets for 35 years now. A lot has happened over that time. As someone once observed the more things change the more they stay the same. And this is particularly true in relation to investing. So, what I have done here is put some thought into the nine most important things I have learned over the past 35 years.
June 11th 2019
So what’s driven this? Will it help the economy? How low might rates go? And what does it mean for investors?
June 5th 2019
The negatives weighing on Australian residential property prices remain significant but the past few weeks have seen a number of developments that suggest that prices could bottom earlier and higher than we have been expecting. The election outcome removed a key threat, but several other factors also help. This note looks at the key issues.
May 29th 2019