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Market Updates

Australia has performed better than many countries in “controlling” coronavirus, it has a stronger economic policy response & its major trading partner is 2-3 mths ahead of the rest of the world into economic recovery.
May 7th 2020
This is an update of a note I wrote last November, but after the recent plunge in shares and the associated 10% or so loss in balanced growth superannuation funds through the March quarter, it’s particularly relevant now.
April 29th 2020
The blanket coverage of coronavirus and its impact on the economy can lead to a lot of confusion right now. Some reports are hopeful of anti-viral drugs, others say a vaccine is at least a year away.
April 23rd 2020
Along with massive fiscal stimulus globally to deal with the impact of coronavirus shutdowns on the economy, the last month or so has also seen massive monetary easing – with the latest being the US Federal Reserve expanding its emergency lending program to $US2.3 trillion.
April 16th 2020
After a roughly 35% plunge from their February high point to their lows around 23rd March, global and Australian shares have had a 15-20% rally. What’s more this rally has occurred despite increasingly bleak economic data ranging from plunges in business conditions surveys or PMIs (see the next chart) to a record 10 million surge over two weeks in claims for unemployment payments in the US. Volatility remains very high but at least we are seeing up and down volatility rather than all down as was the case into mid-March.
April 9th 2020
Along with the horrible human consequences, the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on the way we live and as a result investment market. This note provides a simple Q&A for most of the main issues from an economic & investment perspective. To the extent, simple answers are possible in this environment!
April 2nd 2020
Global and Australian shares have fallen well beyond the 20% decline commonly used to delineate a bear market. But let’s first look at past bear markets as they provide some lessons for investors regardless of the cause.
March 27th 2020
What it means for individuals, retirees and the Australian economy. Here we explain some of the benefits you may be eligible for.
March 25th 2020
The lockdown measures in Australia are at their beginnings, sending markets into a meltdown. For nervous holders of Aussie equities, it’s worth remembering there are two situations to brace portfolios for: the course this pandemic will run, and the inevitable recovery.
March 21st 2020