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Market Updates

The share market has been described by Warren Buffett as a “manic depressive”. The same can be said of financial markets generally I reckon, and it’s certainly been evident lately.
February 23rd 2021
After a 2.8% dip around the mid-last year in response to the pandemic, average capital city home prices are rising again.
February 17th 2021
In the confusing and often seemingly illogical world of investing, investors often make of bunch of mistakes that keeps them from reaching their financial goals. This note takes a look at the nine most common mistakes investors make.
February 10th 2021
Shares are at risk of a short-term correction or consolidation, but investment markets should provide solid returns this year on the back of continuing economic recovery and low-interest rates.
January 28th 2021
New years often start with a few events to challenge any calm investors may have achieved over the Christmas/New Year break. Some of these prove short lived like the global growth scare at the start of 2016 or the US inflation and interest rate scare in early 2018.
January 22nd 2021
The Federal Government has updated its budget deficit projections and economic assumptions in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO). Thanks to a combination of stronger than expected economic growth and a higher than expected iron ore price, revenue growth has increased and projections for outlays have been lowered
December 17th 2020
2020 didn’t exactly turn out the way I or many expected a year ago. For Australia, the year started badly as the severe drought had given way to the worst bushfires on record. But just as the bushfires were receding it gave way to the coronavirus pandemic.
December 9th 2020
For some years now Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has been gaining prominence as a solution to the perceived failure of traditional economic policies to achieve full employment & meet inflation targets, despite at or near zero interest rates.
November 26th 2020