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Why Additional Super Contributions Benefit You At Tax Time

Time is running out to make the most of your super for FY23. Get in touch with your adviser ASAP if you are considering making additional superannuation contributions.

The end of the financial year marks the start of tax time but before then it’s beneficial to assess your super contributions in order to maximise your tax benefit and grow your super balance. We encourage you to make any additional super contributions before June 10 to ensure your payment is received in time... view article
May 27th 2023

Tax Time – Handy Hints from an Expert

As a busy working mum with three boys, Financial Planner, Isabel Dallas, understands that tax time can come around all too quickly each year. Here, Isabel offers some helpful suggestions to make tax time easier.

Step One – Take a Deep Breath! Most people are far from enthusiastic about tax time, but you can get more out of the experience if you prepare – and the first step is to work on your mindset. Tax time shouldn’t be a battle but instead, an opportunity to do some financial housekeeping, reflect on... view article
June 1st 2022

EOFY tax preparation for this year and next

The approaching EOFY can be overwhelming. For some, you may have just finished completing your personal tax affairs from the previous year, and it is time to start all over again. How can you make this process simpler? And what can a financial adviser do to help you make the most of your money come 30th of June each year?

A financial advisor can assist in streamlining your tax affairs. They can look at your complete financial picture and strategise your taxes accordingly. They may also be able to provide advice about your investments to minimise tax owing and see things that could be overlooked. Here are some areas you can consider for this... view article
May 18th 2022

How tax works when giving or receiving an inheritance

Have you considered whether there are any tax obligations when it comes to inheriting? Here's what you need to consider when giving or receiving an inheritance.

  For many, leaving something behind to help out our loved ones after we pass is extremely important. However, if handled incorrectly, tax can often take a large chunk out of what the beneficiary receives. Here's what you need to know, whether giving or receiving an inheritance, to ensure the most is made out of... view article
July 27th 2021

Small Business and Personal Tax Tips for 2020-21

It’s been a year of change like no other and that extends to tax and superannuation. As the end of the financial year approaches, now is a good time to check some new and not so new ways to reduce tax and boost your savings.

Below, Invest Blue's Scone Financial Adviser and former Tax Accountant, Michael Gillett shares a number of small business and personal tax tips to help you improve your overall financial situation in 2020-21. Michael has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years, working in various roles in Australia, the US and UK. For... view article
June 9th 2021

Strategies to Reduce Tax in Retirement

When planning for retirement, reviewing ways to manage and reduce your tax is integral to your financial strategy. After all, you want to ensure you’re maximising your hard-earned money and investments so you can be out living your best possible life.

The first step to creating strategies to reduce tax is to learn as much as you can about how taxes are applied after retirement. The major portion of your income post-retirement is like to come from superannuation funds in the form of pension. A part of the money in super accounts is taxable, including... view article
October 2nd 2020

the do’s and don’ts of charitable giving

making the most of your generosity

There’s no denying that the holiday season is a time for family gatherings, sharing lots of food and presents galore. It’s also a time when we think about those less fortunate that may not have the opportunity to enjoy these things that we so often take for granted. Australia is a fairly generous nation and... view article
November 30th 2018

Watch out for tax scams

Be informed and protect yourself from these common tax scams.

The end of the financial year will likely bring the usual wave of scams. Here’s what to watch for. The Federal Budget is behind us, and amid the celebrations over tax cuts (around $500 annually for low to middle income earners), now is the time to be mindful of scammers pretending to be from government... view article
July 13th 2018

Things to consider before 30th June

These tips could help you save on tax and fees

With the end of financial year fast approaching now is a good opportunity to review your super savings with your adviser. More and more people are finding that a conversation at this time can help them build for a better lifestyle tomorrow – with the added potential of saving on tax this financial year. 3... view article
June 3rd 2016