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What’s in store for your retirement? Travel, hobbies, time for family, working part-time in a passion-career or maybe finding your feet after an unexpected event? In this article we share three of our Client Stories about life in retirement, and how financial advice has helped.

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65 Countries and Counting

Sydney-based special educator and teacher Jenny Abraham sure loves to travel! So far she has visited over 65 countries, and is still counting! Jenny’s dream to do more travel came from her desire to retire early at age 60 so that she could live life to the fullest and indulge in her great passion to travel the world.

Jenny, a long-term client of Invest Blue, has always handled her money with care, however, she is thankful for the guidance, knowledge and planning that David Stephen and subsequently Rob Pollard have provided her with over the years.

In addition to setting up early retirement, Jenny also wanted a tax-effective way of handling her money. Having that peace of mind that her money is in safe hands and her finances in good order, there are many adventures yet to come.

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Jenny Abraham at Easter Island

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Keeping Busy with the Bees

Jenny and Ian Sinclair lived what they would describe as a conservative country life in Manilla, and were always cautious with their spending. With retirement approaching, however, they needed to know how to make their money work better for them, and engaged Invest Blue Adviser Steve Sewell to assist.

Steve made changes to reduce the amount of tax they were paying and to ensure their funds were working better for them. Steve also encouraged them to spend a bit more, as he had their retirement finances in hand.

The pair, who are passionate beekeepers, added several trips to their agenda to start enjoying some of their hard-earned income upon the advice of Steve! The changes have also afforded them the freedom they desire to pursue their hobby. Now that they’re comfortable in retirement they don’t have to worry too much about earning their income from honey – they can just enjoy the freedom that retirement affords.

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Owning the keys to success

Retirement isn’t easy for everyone, and for Armidale’s Christine Rowland, it took a lot of careful planning and consideration for her to achieve one of her personal goals – owning her own home.

Christine found herself not imaging she could own her own home again when her marriage suffered a breakdown. At 62 years old, she felt she needed some professional advice and encouragement for how she was going to get there.

With the help of Invest Blue Financial Adviser Luke Warren, Christine was thrilled when she purchased and moved into her home within 12 months. Within the year she also embarked on a trip to Europe! Luke assisted Christine to rearrange her super and helped her through the process of managing her finances following the separation.

The process of finding a house also proved a bit of a challenge, however in her words when her offer was accepted it was meant to be! Having this security is important for Christine, and she is following a plan for paying off her home that Luke Warren put together.

Her advice for anyone else who finds themselves in a challenging situation financially and personally is to seek out advice from a fully accredited firm like Invest Blue. You can check out our credentials here.

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