Living your dream life in retirement

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What does it mean to live your dreams?


The dream retirement will look different for everyone, it varies with what you want in life, what dreams mean to you, and how you see the world around you. Living your dreams is about understanding what is important for you and your family and having a clear plan to get you there.


A study by McCrindle Research reveals what Australian retirees see as living the dream:



If you would like to discuss your options and how you might manage it from a financial perspective, please get in touch.

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When dreams become reality


We have worked closely with our clients on their journey to creating their dream retirement and each one has been unique.

For instance, for Michael Snelling, living his dreams translates to travelling, volunteering and spending time with his children and grandchildren. At the same time, for Chris and Trevor, it meant paying off all their debts before retirement and spending all their money and time going on cruises and tours.

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For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients achieve their goals and dreams and knowing we have been able to help them on their journey. Below we share some of our favourite stories from our clients living their dream life in retirement:


A dream to dance and travel

retirement dreams 1


Robyn first saw financial adviser, Rob Pollard over 12 years ago to ensure her and her husband were on the right path to living their best possible life in retirement. Together they were able to travel across Australia. When Robyn’s husband sadly passed away two years ago, she took up her lifelong passion for dance as a way to keep her mind and body strong while she overcame those dark days.


Travelling to dance is quite different from travelling to sight-see, however, occasionally they can synchronise both.


She has since been able to continue travelling – visiting New Zealand with her dance partner, John and then to Denmark and Norway with her two daughters.

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A dream of travel and financial freedom

retirement dreams 2


Between travel, renovating the home they have shared for 40 years, spending time with their two daughters and their families and their volunteer work with the local church – retirement hasn’t slowed the Browns down.

The Browns retired earlier than they planned due to an injury and passing in the family. But their years of planning, carefully saving and building up long service leave meant they were able to do so comfortably.

With the help of their adviser Travis Stanley, the Brown’s were able to gain clarity on their financial position and identify their dreams and goals.  Together they created a clear achievable plan to make those dreams become a reality. With an investment in timeshares and their caravan ready for their next adventure the Browns haven’t stopped travelling since.


Overseas holidays, a caravan and home renovations – the Browns have found little time to be idle during their recent retirement. A testament to their own astute savings and financial management and professional guidance from Travis.

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Five steps to living your dreams in retirement


The best option is to start early and plan your income and expenses in such a way that you have enough funds to meet both your short-term and long-term goals.


1.    Have a clear dream


To live your dream life, you need to figure out exactly what that dream looks like. Many individuals and couples dream of a comfortable lifestyle post-retirement, but they fail to define what comfort means to them. For instance, it could be spending time with their families, travel or a life of leisure.

Once we understand what your dreams and goals are, we carefully plan out the steps necessary to help you achieve them.

You may find our goal-setting tools useful.


2.    Start planning now


The earlier you start planning for retirement the better the position you will be in when it comes time to retire. Carefully reviewing your superannuation, considering making additional contributions and having a clear strategy around your investments and savings will ensure you’re on the right path to living your best possible life.

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3.    Explore the retirement savings options


Superannuation funds are the most sought-after saving options for retirement. They offer several tax benefits on the contributions and withdrawals. You can also invest in self-managed super funds for more flexibility and better ways to manage the taxes.

Additionally, you can continue making voluntary contributions to your super account even after retirement to reduce your tax and increase your savings. For those who wish to withdraw money from their super to fund their retirement, the account-based pension income stream is more beneficial than a lump sum withdrawal.

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4.    Diversify your investments


Diversification can never be overrated. It is always advisable to create a balanced investment portfolio and spread your risks across different asset types, industries and time horizons. The diversification of investments in cash, stocks, properties, fixed-income securities, managed funds and other assets goes a long way in ensuring you have a fair balance between risk and return. It helps your savings to grow and support your dream life after retirement.

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5.    Seek professional advice


Every person has a specific risk tolerance, investment goals, financial resources and retirement dreams. All these factors should align with your personal needs before you start planning for retirement.

This process requires a lot of research and investment skills and knowledge that not everybody possesses. Seeking the advice of a financial planner can create a huge difference in the lifestyle you can achieve. The financial planner can go through your individual needs, goals and risk tolerance, and create a tailored plan that will match your vision on a dream retirement.


No matter what your dream retirement looks like, through careful planning and having a clear financial investment strategy, we can help make your dream retirement possible.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you make your retirement dreams a reality.

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