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Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Loans and Banking

At Invest Blue, we’re here to help you find the right loan and lender to complement your individual circumstances.

We will guide you through your loan search to secure the right loan for your needs to completion of your loan and beyond.

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Our Beliefs

Debt and lending are about more than just borrowing. It’s about understanding money and how cash flow works. Debt and lending can be powerful tools for building wealth, minimising tax, and allowing you freedom and security to achieve your financial goals.

Learn more about our Debt & Lending Philosophy.


How We Can Help You

Home loans

Invest Blue, through our team Cornerstone Financial Group Pty Ltd (t/a Invest Blue Lending) ABN 92 099 426 507 is authorised under LM Broker Services Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence 517192,  has access to a range of financiers and will ensure you get the right loan taking into consideration the fees lenders charge, the features each loan offers and the term you require.

Things to consider:

Commercial loans

By using a range of commercial financiers, Invest Blue can find the right product to suit your individual business circumstances. We also understand how each major business lender in the market place views a particular industry and have access to their current lending policy on that industry.

Car finance

Invest Blue can assist with personal and commercial loans and insurance with term options ranging from 12 months to 5 years allowing repayments to be tailored to individual requirements.

  • car loans
  • commercial hire
  • finance leasing
  • operating leasing
  • novated leasing

Asset / Equipment finance

Updating old equipment to become more competitive or simply replacing outdated equipment, Invest Blue uses a range of financiers for Leasing, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage and Novated Leasing.

  • motor vehicles
  • trucks
  • office equipment
  • industrial plant
  • earthmoving and agricultural equipment
  • asset finance solutions and structures for your business


Our Banking and Lending Manager, Geoff Murray has over 10 years of professional lending experience gained in roles at ANZ Bank, Aussie and running his own business.

Geoff has comprehensive knowledge of the property market which allows him to select the right loan and lender to complement your individual circumstances.

One-Stop Shopping

There’s no more travelling around all the banks and other lenders for information and advice. Invest Blue can access loans from a number of lenders and can quickly find the loan that most suits your needs.

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What you need to know

Cornerstone Financial Group (t/a Invest Blue) ABN 92 099 426 507 is authorised under LM Broker Services Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence 517192.
The information provided on this site is on the understanding that it is for illustrative and discussion purposes only. Whilst all care and attention is taken in its preparation any party seeking to rely on its content or otherwise should make their own enquiries and research to ensure its relevance to your specific personal and business requirements and circumstances. Terms, conditions, fees and charges may apply. Normal lending criteria apply. Rates subject to change. Approved applicants only.

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