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October 10th 2017 | Categories: Should I See An Adviser |

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At Invest Blue, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Every day we work to better understand what our clients value and ensure that the advice we provide helps them to achieve their dreams. We aim to continuously improve our processes and better understand what is working and what could be done better, using client feedback as the main source of motivation and suggestion.

The Beddoes Institute

The Beddoes institute is an independent research company with the goal to drive positive change in the financial services sector so that as many Australians as possible can be helped by great advice practices. Our values align as they believe that the key to providing a great service is by placing the client’s experience central to all that is done.

The Beddoes Institute describe themselves as a benchmarking and data company, working with Australian Financial Planners to collect and report on data from their clients. This data details the clients’ feedback about the advice process and the level of trust between adviser and client.

We have been working with the Beddoes Institute since 2015 to conduct an annual survey. This survey provides us with valuable feedback from our clients and allows us to benchmark ourselves against some of the best financial planning practices in the country.

Opening up to the Beddoes Institute, an external expert in the financial services industry, not only gives us an insight into the practices and processes of other great companies, but also provides our advisers with the opportunity to qualify for the Most Trusted Advisers network.

Most Trusted Advisers

According to Beddoes Institute’s Dr Adam Tucker, one of the biggest reasons why four out of five Aussies don’t have an adviser is because they don’t know where to find an adviser they trust. Beddoes believe that financial planning is a crucial part in achieving goals.  This is why they have used the data from their surveys to create the Most Trusted Adviser Network App, helping to connect Australians with trusted advisers.

Qualifying for the MTA network is a rigorous process; Beddoes complete a survey with each planner’s clients, then use extensive metrics and mathematics to diagnose and identify the most trusted advisers. The data produced gives each planner an ‘adviser trust score’ which will qualify them for the MTA network; you cannot pay to be added to the network and qualification is considered to represent the voice of the clients. In addition to the client feedback, Beddoes also consider other variable such as years of experience, quality audits and level of qualification.

Participating in the Beddoes Institute client experience survey provides both planners and clients with substantial benefits. It gives our clients the opportunity to provide their opinion about our process and communication, and we can utilise the feedback provided anonymously from Beddoes to improve our process and develop our client experience.

We are proud to say that all 13 of our Advisers who meet the ”year’s of experience test” reach this qualification, as it reflects the strong relationships between them and their clients.

A huge thank you to all our clients who took the time to provide this feedback.

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Luke Bowler 

If you would like more information about the survey or would like to make an appointment, please get in touch.

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For more information about the Beddoes Institute visit the Most Trusted Advisers website.

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