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Cebu City Philippines

In 2015 we decided to take up an opportunity to work with Virtual Business Partners in Cebu, Philippines to grow our administrative team and reduce the paperwork burden for our Client Support Managers and Advisers. Our motivation for doing this was two-fold:

Since our ‘trial’ in 2015, we have grown this team so that each of our offices has a dedicated Administrative Assistant to provide support. Both of our initial objectives were resoundingly met; but there were other benefits we had not considered, including:

As an industry that is always changing, we have found that this additional support in resources has led to great outcomes for our people and our clients. The following answers some of the common questions we are asked about this relationship.

Invest Blue's Advice Team Administrative Assistants

Invest Blue’s advice team’s Administrative Assistants: Mike, Jefrey, Donalyn, Ynna, Alexandra, Riga, Leah, Kimberly, Chrisal, Brylle, and Albert.

Invest Blue's support team Administrative Assistants

Invest Blue’s Support Team’s Administrative Assistants: Cliff, Scar, Ralph, Jasmine, Cherry, Bryton, Banessa, Caress, Biena, Ian, and Van.


Does this mean fewer Australians have jobs?

No. None of our Australian team members have lost a job because of this team. We have expanded our workloads to offer more to our clients rather than cutting roles.

Is my data safe?

We work entirely within a web-based financial planning platform with strict security protocols. Where our employees are located does not impact this safety.

Are the employees in Cebu treated fairly?

Yes. Our people in Cebu earn a relatively high wage for their work and are completely integrated into the teams they work within at Invest Blue. They are part of our daily, weekly and quarterly planning sessions and huddles. They have an equal say about their work and contribution. Everyone at Invest Blue is encouraged to share ideas and contribute to their team’s success regardless of their location or position. Culturally, Invest Blue has a very high people-engagement rate, and this includes routine measurement of the perception of all our people. In our recent ‘Great Places to Work’ survey, all of our people, including those in Cebu were asked to contribute. We came out #5 in the Top 50 Places to Work in Australia.  This independent assessment of our culture is a true testament to how well the relationship is working.

As members of the ‘Invest Blue’ team but part of Virtual Business Partners, our team members are also up for awards in their own Company. We were delighted to hear that Alex, Administrative Assistant for the Central Coast Team, took out the “Core Values” culture award this year, and that the whole Invest Blue Team won the “Best Team of the Year”.

Is language a barrier?

No. All of our people in Cebu have excellent English skills. Many of them can speak 3 or more languages! Each person goes through an intensive training program, including specific Australian Financial Services training and must pass several knowledge and communication tests before they join our team.

How do you work together?

The time difference is only 2 hours, so we can have the same schedules. We use a video-based communication tool that allows us to speak and see each other throughout the day. We work this way across all our sites, and Cebu is no different.

As a client, will I speak with a team member in Cebu?

You may. Our Administrative Assistants are included in the appropriate authorities to help you through the advice process. They may email you to ask for more information at some point along the way.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out.

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