Adam Ghanem

Financial Adviser

Adam Ghanem web photo

Adam Ghanem – Financial Adviser

“I’m passionate about what we do in financial planning and the impact we have on our clients.” 

Adam has been blessed to be in the industry since 2013 and looks forward to many more years of learning and growing. Prior to working and completing his Masters in Financial Planning, Adam studied Neuroscience at UQ and worked in health services.

He wanted to help people with their health but eventually realised that he loved numbers a lot more than he loved chemistry and made the switch to finance. Now Adam gets to help people with their financial health and hasn’t looked back since.

In his spare time, he loves to train or relax by the ocean, as he finds both help him to keep a clear mind and healthy body. If he’s not training or by the ocean, Adam is spending time with his family. 


  • Master of Financial Planning
  • JP (Qual)
  • Most Trusted Adviser 2022 and 2023