Amanda Pollock

Financial Adviser

Amanda Pollock - Invest Blue

Amanda Pollock – Financial Adviser

“Being part of a larger team provides me with opportunities to continue to learn and grow as an adviser, I enjoy working with other advisers to bounce ideas to improve client outcomes” 

Since 2007, Amanda has made a seamless transition from banking to financial planning, a career shift that ignited her passion for empowering clients with comprehensive financial knowledge. She thrives on discovering the intricacies of financial products, ensuring her clients feel empowered to make informed decisions about their financial future. Amanda’s dedication lies in cultivating meaningful relationships, deriving immense satisfaction from witnessing her clients flourish through jointly implemented strategies. Her commitment to the financial planning industry stems from a deep-seated desire to fortify individuals’ confidence and control over their financial choices.

On weekends, you’ll find her at the local soccer fields. Meanwhile, on holidays, she will be embarking on adventures in the great outdoors. Whether it’s camping, fishing, cycling, or bushwalking, Amanda’s love for nature extends both across Australia and overseas.