Carol Herrmann

Financial Adviser

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Carol Herrmann – Financial Adviser

“I see financial planning as an outlet to positively impact the lives of all my clients. I am passionate about eliminating the confusing aspects within the industry, providing clients with a deeper understanding of their strategies.“ 

Carol has worked in the financial industry in Australia since Jan 2014. She sees Financial Planning as an opportunity to make a positive difference in every one of her client’s lives while ensuring the clients understand their strategies. Her main aim is to break down the financial strategy into everyday language, so her clients gain a deeper understanding and greater knowledge of financial planning practices.

Outside of work, Carol enjoys outdoor activities, especially camping, as she believes connecting with nature is a great energy booster. She has lived in the Central with her family since Jan 2021. Carol and her partner have had the ‘three under three’ children experience and they can happily say it was worth every single sleepless night. She loves her family and feels grateful for the life she has got. 


  • Advanced Diploma in |Business Management
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • A Bachelor of Business Administration