Daniel Walsh

Advice and Compliance Coach

Dan Walsh invest blue

Daniel Walsh – Advice and Compliance Coach

“My parents never received sound Financial Advice when I was growing up and mistakes were made as a result. When reflecting on that all those years ago, I thought if I can help people avoid the traps my parents fell into, maybe I would enjoy that. “

Daniel has since then been a Financial Adviser for over 20 years and has spent the last decade building & managing his own practice. He is now providing direct advice and has joined the Invest Blue team as an Advice & Compliance Coach, who is rather keen to give back. Daniel enjoys the game of being in business above all else. Striving to improve, challenging the status quo and adapting to new ways of doing things, that has always been a driver for him.

In Daniel’s spare time he values life experiences, the NFL and especially travel. He also has 3 amazing children. Skiing is another highly ranked activity of his. 


  • Accredited Self-Managed Superannuation Specialist
  • Accredited Direct Equity Specialist A
  • accredited Margin Lending Specialist
  • Justice of the Peace NSW