David McDowell

Financial Adviser

David McDowell Invest Blue

David McDowell – Financial Adviser

“Invest Blue have the passion and energy to create positive outcomes through advice in the regional communities. Invest Blues values mean the client always comes first which resonates with me and the local community that are receiving advice to allow them to live their best life.” 

David commenced work with Invest Blue in April 2003 as a Financial Planner. He has extensive financial planning experience starting in 2012 as a Financial Planner in Brisbane and Armidale. David holds a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and a Masters in Financial Planning.

David has a passion for financial advice as it changes people’s lives by allowing them to achieve their dreams. Financial advice alleviates clients’ fears, worries and concerns so they can get on with their lives and enjoy what is important to their family, friends, lifestyle, and independence.