Ervin Liao

Database Administrative Assistant

ervin liao - invest blue

Ervin Liao – Database Administrative Assistant

“I love working with Invest Blue because of the different and awesome people that I work with. The culture is bombarded with passion and professionalism. The team that I am with right now are prompt in providing the necessary support system to make everything possible in what we do and I am glad to be a part of it. The encouragement is unreal and it pushes you to be the best version of yourself every day.” Ervin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. He has worked as a Sales Consultant for an Automotive Industry and a Marketing Associate for a Student Visa Processing company prior to Invest Blue. Considering that he’s always inclined toward business particularly in his course and previous jobs, learning about investments, sales, insurance and financial planning provides him with a deeper understanding about the business world. Working as a Financial Planning Assistant is a new field for Ervin but the idea of being able to assist people is not and he is the type of person who wants to help and be of service to others to the best of his abilities. In his spare time, he usually plays DOTA 2, goes out for unli-chicken/buffet and drinks beers (tons) with peers.