Ethan Mosca

Relationship Manager

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Ethan Mosca – Relationship Manager

Ethan shares that despite his age, his career is quite diverse. Having worked in a multitude of different industries such as fast food, grants delivery, construction, and most recently train maintenance, he is quite knowledgeable on a wide range of different topics.

He is proud to have  recently completed his certificate IV after two years of study, he says it was quite the accomplishment.

Ethan also specialises in service with a smile, not only towards clients but also within the team. At the end of the day we are all working towards the same goal so it is imperative to keep morale high by showing up with a smile on your face. He believes that what’s unique about him is most people only think about the impact on the client where as he thinks of the impact on everyone.

His time outside of work is either spent with his friends and family or listening to music. He loves taking in the deeper meaning to music and opening himself up to all literary techniques used.