Faith Taboada – Gorgod

Administrative Assistant

Faith Taboada - Invest Blue

Faith Taboada – Gorgod – Administrative Assistant

“I like working with IB since my colleagues are helpful, kind, and approachable. IB also cares about our wellbeing which is a great trait to have even if it’s a big company.” Faith graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in English degree. Prior to Invest Blue, she used to work as a High School teacher before the pandemic started and taught English. During the pandemic, she worked as a chat and email support representative in an inspection company. What she likes about working in the financial planning industry is that the things she learned can be applied in her personal life as well. Since working for Invest Blue, she has been managing her finances better. During her spare time, Faith usually goes to beaches, food parks, coffee shops or take care of her five hedgehogs.