“Everyone I’ve met in Invest Blue has been one of the best people I’ve worked with. The amount of support I receive motivates me to work my best. No small work goes unnoticed, and they give me the freedom to perform my duties.”

Gardo was once a part of the Learning and Development team, as a Product Specific Trainer for Microsoft. He organised, coordinated, and ran trainings which does not fall far from his duties here in Invest Blue.

He is mostly proud of his work ethic, adaptability, and being a fast learner which has greatly helped him land promotions quite early.

In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities. He loves nature walks, hiking up hills/ mountains, and even spelunking. He is also a freediver and most of my weekends are spent visiting dive spots in and out of Cebu. When he is  not outdoors, Gardo spends his free time catching up on TV series and newly released movies.