George Curtis


George Curtis - Invest Blue

George Curtis – Associate

“I am excited about the opportunity to join Invest Blue for several reasons. First and foremost, I have a strong passion for finance and helping individuals make informed and strategic financial decisions. Invest Blue’s reputation as a leading financial planning firm is impressive, and I am drawn to the company’s commitment to providing personalized financial solutions to clients. The company’s client-centric approach aligns perfectly with my own values, and I believe that by joining Invest Blue, I can contribute my skills and knowledge to positively impact clients’ financial well-being” 

George has a strong background in finance and financial planning that has prepared him well for the role at Invest Blue. Having worked in financial planning companies locally and in Melbourne and spent some time at a private fund where he gained experience in developing comprehensive financial plans tailored to client’s unique goals and situations.

Working in the financial planning industry is deeply rewarding to him. He enjoys the opportunity to work closely with individuals to help them achieve their financial aspirations. Assisting with guiding clients through financial decisions, assisting his team in offering solutions to challenges, and witnessing their financial growth.

In his spare time, he engages in various activities that balance his life and keep him motivated. Including:  Staying up-to-date with the latest financial trends and industry advancements is both a personal interest and a professional necessity. Additionally, he enjoys staying active through rowing, cycling, waterpolo & gym and outdoor activities like fishing, diving and spending time in the country.