Jason Osumo

Subject Matter Expert

jason osumo - invest blue

Jason Osumo – Subject Matter Expert

”I love working with InvestBlue because I can feel that the people here value each other’s opinion. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to someone higher up in rank, they value everyone! I can also see that they take really good care of their employees and clients and it’s such a joy being a part of a practice that helps others, no matter how small the goal. ” Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He used to work as a payroll officer for 2 and a half years for Airborne Security and a Foreign Embassy Liaison for Magsaysay Maritime Corporation for 6 months. He likes working in the financial planning industry because it’s amazing to him how much a little planning of finances can go a long way in achieving what you want out of life. He never really thought about finances when he was younger, so it’s a great eye-opener to see that it really is important if you want to maximize your enjoyment out of life. During his spare time, Jason lives, breathes, sleeps and eats ice hockey. It’s his favourite thing in the entire world. If he’s not at the local rink playing hockey, He’s either watching hockey at home or playing hockey on the Playstation.