Josef Emnace

Administrative Assistant

josef emnace - invest blue

Josef Emnace – Administrative Assistant

“They let me feel welcomed and part of a big family. I believe that the culture that VBP has tried to emulate came from Invest Blue, as that’s what I felt when they first welcomed us, the newbies.” Josef took up a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in college. Prior to Invest Blue, Josef previously worked for a practice in Newcastle. He handles mostly the Insurance part. From Understand phase to Progress as well as communicating directly to clients regarding overdue premiums. Josef likes working in the financial planning industry because he’d like to have a deeper understanding of the industry and be more knowledgeable than the advisers they have there in the Philippines. In his spare time, Josef currently is a gym rat, and prior to covid, he was deep into cycling. He values his health more starting 2018.