Joyce Omega

Administrative Assistant

Joyce Omega - Invest Blue

Joyce Omega – Administrative Assistant

“What I like about working in Invest Blue is that there is a sense of belonging wherein my work is being appreciated and acknowledged. Invest Blue values and actively seeks suggestions that make us feel respected as an employee and recognizes employees’ achievements. The company always supports me in areas in which I am good so that I’ll be able to have a clear career path and motivates us to contribute to the company’s success. Lastly, Invest Blue has this astounding culture and I have learned a lot working with these professionals because they inspire me to take on new and challenging opportunities.” Joyce graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Scientist). She has a working experience in different hospitals in Cebu. She has been assigned to different clinical laboratories and the forensics department. During her gap year, she also tried working abroad specifically in the United States where she volunteered in one of their medical projects in relation to Medical Science and Biology. Joyce also has experience in sales and marketing. What she likes about working in the financial planning industry is the idea of being financially secure and independent. Her degree may have always been in relation to science but she has a deep interest in the financial industry for she believes that being financially literate helps me manage money wisely, make sound financial decisions, and achieve financial stability in life. It also helps us get through unexpected moments in life. In her spare time, she goes horse riding and tennis fortnightly with her father and spends time with her huskies. Joyce also loves travelling with her dogs except for the part where they try to drive the car.