Kathleen Perez

Administrative Assistant

Kathleen Perez - Invest Blue

Kathleen Perez – Administrative Assistant

“Working with Invest Blue allowed me to continually learn and grow personally and professionally. What I like most is that the team is systematic, reliable, approachable, and supportive. This makes the whole process and work experience fun despite the workload and challenges”. Kathleen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting degree. She has been with the banking industry for 8 years and has been assigned to various job positions such as Loans Customer Service Associate, Loans Operations Associate, and Assistant Business Manager. Shortly after, she worked as a General Virtual Assistant for three months. She likes working in the financial planning industry because it is a whole new experience and challenge for her. She finds it interesting to be part of the process of ultimately helping people reach their goals in life. Moreover, it helps her build and develop her analytical and research skills, among others. In her spare time, if she’s not at home enjoying Netflix and YouTube, she’s out with family or friends. Kathleen likes trying out new things and venturing into different hobbies like boxing, trekking, cooking, etc.