Merry Grace Cejudo

Administrative Assistant

Merry Grace Cejudo invest blue

Merry Grace Cejudo – Administrative Assistant

“I love working with IB since they not only consider you as an employee but rather, A FAMILY. I love how people appreciate even the smallest thing you do to the business and people here are very helpful and friendly.” Merry graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree at USJR. She started working as a financial planning assistant in VBP a year after graduating. She likes working in the financial industry because managing her own finances is one of her fortes. She also wants to learn more and explore the things on how to effectively manage one’s finances, self-discipline, setting priorities and financial goals. In her spare time, she binge-watches movies on Netflix and plays with her nieces at home. But what she does love the most is swimming and chilling out at the beach because it calms her mind and soul from all the stress in life.