Natalia Zalega

Relationship Manager

Natalia Invest Blue

Natalia Zalega – Relationship Manager

“I am Natalia Zalega and I have recently joined the Invest Blue Hobart team after being a relief receptionist. The team were so welcoming and supportive that when the opportunity arose to stay on as a Relationship Manager, I just had to take it.” 

Starting fresh in 2023, Natalia has been exposed to the greater Invest Blue family, who are also just as welcoming and supportive, and really helped her bring out the best of herself in her role. They bring their passion for helping clients reach their best possible life to the office every day and it has passed on to her.

In 2018, she and her partner swapped the beautiful sunny days of Brisbane for the full 4 seasons-treatment that Tasmania brings. Even still to this day, they keep finding new places to explore and things to do. They settled quickly, having their son in 2019 and their ever-growing menagerie of animals.