Neshama Aba-a

Administrative Assistant

neshama aba-a - invest blue

Neshama Aba-a – Administrative Assistant

“Working with InvestBlue is such a big opportunity for me to grow in the financial planning career aspect. I liked how there is a strong support system for us, and how they reward the team as a whole for doing a great job. It makes me confident and valued as part of the team”. Neshama is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management Accounting. She used to work as a Customer Service Representative and is currently working as a Financial Planning Assistant with Bentleys Queensland and with Vintage Wealth. She likes working in the financial planning industry because it helped widen her view on the importance of managing well her finances and assets. What she learned in financial planning, she started applying to herself.  She also liked how her attention to detail and problem-solving skills are being honed. During her spare time on weekdays, she usually goes to cafes to read or stays at home and watches K-dramas or plays instruments. During weekends, she goes hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing.