Ralph Englis

System Support Officer

ralph englis - invest blue

Ralph Englis – System Support Officer

“I love working with Invest Blue because the work I do has always been very interesting and challenging, and it aligns with what I most like to do. All the people in Invest Blue make me feel like I am part of a family.” Ralph has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, is a Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT) and is also a Certified Premise Cabling Technician (CPCT). He has been working in the IT industry with previous experience with Verizon Business private networks, Australia Gas Light Company, Author Solutions Inc., Microsoft technical support and legacy mobile OSes supporting APAC countries. Ralph commenced work as a VA Executive Assistant at Invest Blue in 2014, before joining the Database team as a Database Support, then moved into the Finance and IT team in 2016, which is now the Business Analytics team. He likes working in the financial planning industry because there are now sophisticated systems that make it a lot easier for everyone to work seamlessly. Ralph’s goal is to work in the back end of the financial planning industry, building and enhancing systematic and flawless technology. In his spare time, Ralph spends time with his family and is also into long hikes in less trodden mountains or cycling, conquering killer uphills.