Wama Reyes

Subject Matter Expert

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Wama Reyes – Subject Matter Expert

“Being a part of an institution that lives by the mission it has envisioned is a principle that I follow” Wama graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting degree and is a Certified Bookkeeper (NCII), Bookkeeping Aide (Royal Institue of Singapore), and Associate Certification in SAP. She was an audit associate intern before she joined the financial service industry. This exposure has equipped her in dealing with the different financial aspects of the business. Working for the financial service industry aids in achieving her goal of self-growth and development while being able to add value towards people’s lives. Having been exposed to this type of industry does not only educate her on how to handle her finances but also imparts her with lifelong principles that are applicable in her daily dealings. Most of Wama’s spare time is invested in indulging the different branches of Philosophy and exploring knowledge and adventure contexts.