You can know as much or as little as you want

September 25th 2015

but you are always part of the process

The process is so clear and precise but it’s also completely focused on achieving your own personal goals rather than making as much money as you can or investing here, there and everywhere; it’s in direct relation to what you want to get out of it. It does not need to be about being the wealthiest or owning the most things. It’s about what lifestyle you want to lead and what makes you happy. You don’t need to be a financial genius and understand the jargon – you can know as much or as little as want but you are always part of the process.

Over the years there has been a smooth transition from a financial plan focusing on just myself initially to now looking at my business and advice for both myself and my wife. It’s been a simple process because our Financial planner is on top of our goals and where we are up to, and ensuring the plan evolves with how we are changing as people.