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April 13th 2016 | Categories: Financial Planning |

Hard bound books formed into a star

Over the month of February, we asked all of our current clients to tell us what they think of our business. We asked The Beddoes Institute to conduct a thorough client experience survey which allowed us to ensure the research was conducted impartially and that our clients felt they had the opportunity to answer honestly.

How did we measure up?

The outcome was very rewarding and informative, and we are deeply grateful for the time and effort our clients gave us in responding to the survey.

The highlight for us was the ratings we received for forming trusted relationships. The Beddoes Institute surveys the top 20% of our Industry and benchmarks performance. Our scores were only 2 points off the benchmark at 89 vs. 91. This element of our performance was considered our top strength, and we take great pride in that. For us, forming long-lasting trusted relationships is the most important thing we do.

After analysing the data received, the Beddoes Institute also screens our individual planners and puts them to the test in their ‘Most Trusted Advisers’ qualification. This screening process takes into account the number of years of experience, the volume of clients and how clients view their planner, as well as industry audit scores and professional association membership. We are over the moon to announce that we have had 12 of our experienced planners achieve this designation.  As we are a growing business, we also have a number of planners who are relatively new to the game so as their experience grows, so will our number of ‘Most Trusted Advisers’.

Results snapshot

Why is it so important to us?

This independent scrutiny is important to us as it validates the hard work we do, demonstrates that we measure up well with the top performers in our industry, and that our planners can be trusted to do great work for their clients. The benchmarking also gives us critical and independent information on where we can do better.

The results told us that we could do a better job at communicating about the work we do and how it has a positive impact on our client’s outcomes.

We have taken the recommendations on board and are busy workshopping the best strategies to ensure we continue to improve our service while maintaining the trust and value our clients have come to expect from us.

What can you expect going forward?

We will continue to undertake a formal review of our performance once a year. We may also check in with various client groups throughout the year at different stages of their financial planning journey to ensure we stay on track and continue to deliver great outcomes.

Once again, to those who participated, we thank you. We assure you that every single comment was read and that the lessons provided are being integrated into our business. Thank you also to the Beddoes Institute for providing such a valuable service and opportunity for our clients to provide honest feedback to us.

We ensure to continue what we have established with our clients- their trust and value.

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