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At Invest Blue we’re here to help. Help challenge you to dream bigger. Help your toughest obstacles seem smaller. Help you make better decisions. And help you ultimately, to believe you can live your best life. Invest Blue. It’s possible.


Progress meeting icon For most of our clients, we get together formally once a year to check in on how things are going, confirm the things that are most important to you, reassess your situation and prioritise your goals. These meetings are an invaluable part of ensuring your financial strategies remain relevant and that you remain on track to living your best possible life. The true value in working with a financial adviser is not in any one plan but in the process of planning together year in and year out.

If you have more complex needs, we may meet more frequently.

We will send you an offer to set this appointment up ahead of time.

Formally, there are steps we will also take at this time:

  • We will ensure you have the most recent version of our Financial Services & Credit Guide (FSCG)
  • We will ensure you are aware of the fees you are paying us, as per our agreement, through the Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS)
  • We may ask you to complete an Opt-In Renewal Notice (OIRN) every two years to confirm and re-engage our services.

In the meeting we will go through the standard 5 steps:

  • What is important to you? Reconnect with your values and goals
  • Your details: has anything changed? We will update your financial cashflow model with current balances and goals
  • How we can help: During the meeting, we will make an assessment as to whether your current plan is still relevant for you based on the first two steps. In addition, we will consider any changes to legislation, regulation and product availability that may need to be considered. At this time, we may determine:
    • That your current plan is still relevant
    • That your current plan needs minor adjustments and we will act on that
    • That your current plan is no longer relevant and that a new plan needs to be built.
  • Next Steps: clarifying if new advice is needed or if your current plan remains relevant.
  • Summary and Actions: outlining any key messages or tasks that remain outstanding.

If new advice is needed, we will discuss this with you and any costs associated with new advice. Subject to your approval, we will go back through the previous steps to ensure you and your changing needs are well looked after. Behind the scenes, we will ensure your details are updated and accurate and that our advice is documented.

Behind the scenes

In amongst the work of really getting to know you and your needs, and keeping abreast of the relevant financial strategies, legislation and products on the market, we also hold ourselves to a strict account of the regulations governing our Industry. At each stage in our process, there are several things we must do to demonstrate complaint procedures.

We aim to elate our clients, not just satisfy, so we actively seek your feedback each year. Of course, you can speak with anyone in our business at any time if you have a concern or commendation, and we also have formal feedback surveys that go out to collect your insights.

You will develop a close working relationship with your adviser and local client support managers, and you also have a relationship with Invest Blue. We will send you information from time to time that we think is helpful or relevant to your journey.

This journey is all about you. If at any time you have questions or concerns we are 100% here for you.

If you would like to ask a question or get the process started for yourself, please get in touch.