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we believe it’s possible
Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.


We work hard to provide the best advice and understand our client’s needs well. Here is what our clients have to say!

I feel important

Steve manages to make me feel just as important as his clients with much larger portfolio. The front office girls are and have always been delightful and professional.
Maureen, Avoca Beach NSW

They make sure you have all the answers you want

The Invest Blue team spend a lot of time and make sure you have all the answers you want.
Mrs L Osland, Repton NSW

“I would never go anywhere else”

“Adam has made everything so much easier and whilst I know he relates well to everyone and is super professional, he’s always had a special bond with Jeremy and me. He even put up with my husband’s potty mouth!”
Peta Innes

Making anything possible

It is an alignment of a dream that is so passionate it gives you the strength to overcome the apparently 'insurmountable' obstacles that will most definitely appear, with a goal and well thought out plan. Then to carry you on its wings you need a magnificent team behind you.
Mrs Margherita Cerlenizza Berry

Good service & they listen to me

Good service, they make a plan to your needs and budget. They listen to me.
Anonymous, Beecher QLD

Professional expertise

Very professional company with great support and expertise.
Mr J Creagan, Armidale NSW

Deeds please testimonial

With help from Coffs Harbour Financial Planner Ben Warren, the Lynch family have significantly reduced their debt, purchased a new car, had a holiday to Fiji and are working towards gaining the Deeds to their Home.
“Ben has an outstanding knowledge of financial matters, backed up by the many letters after his name. His advice and guidance has been fantastic. He is a genuine person who really takes ownership in seeing his clients succeed.”
Matt & Lynda Lynch

Extremely helpful

Extremely helpful - I could not have managed my financial life without my Financial Planner's advice.
Mrs F Tyler, Dorrigo NSW

A new chapter in the Sunshine State

“I realise that I’m in a much better position now because of Shaun’s guidance. In hindsight, I should have had gone to him sooner than I did but it all worked out. I’m secure in my financial position and have great peace of mind. I now have more financial control, better quality of living and I have choices, too. No longer having a mortgage or any need to panic about bills is hugely important to me.”
Carol Willis

Invest Blue provide multiple levels of advice

Invest Blue provide multiple levels of advice, easy access, and they attend to my needs quickly and are easy to get along with. Thank you. They have clear understanding of my goals I have set and what needs to be done to achieve these goals.
Anonymous, Armidale NSW

You can know as much or as little as you want

The process is so clear and precise but it’s also completely focused on achieving your own personal goals rather than making as much money as you can or investing here, there and everywhere; it’s in direct relation to what you want to get out of it. It does not need to be about being the wealthiest or owning the most things.
A & L Hardaker, Woolgoolga NSW

We feel our future needs are well looked after

I feel that Invest Blue listens to our future needs and works out a good plan to suit us.We feel our money is well looked after for our future needs.
Anonymous, Caboolture QLD

Caring Hands testimonial

Sonia has spent over thirty years looking after others. Now with her financial independence thanks to help from Invest Blue, she is able to enjoy the things she loves most.
“Invest Blue know my profile and Julian respects it if I’m not ready to do something. He is easy to talk to and explains things in a way I understand. And I like his laugh too.”
Sonia Guernieri

Adviser had a real understanding of our needs and goals

Excellent. Thorough understanding of where we are heading. Adviser has a real understanding of our needs and goals.
Anonymous, Ashgrove QLD

Would refer without hesitation

I usually don't recommend services to family or friends but would be comfortable referring our financial advisor to family without any hesitation. The way we were treated and not feeling like a fool asking the same questions every visit until we could understand how things would be set up and how it worked and what was the best for our needs so we’re comfortable in our retirement.
Anonymous, Gladstone QLD

Confidence in our planner

So far it has been all good and we have every confidence that it will remain so. We would not hesitate to recommend Invest Blue to anybody, and we have previously done just that.
John & Shirley, Kensington NSW

Very helpful

Very helpful and spoken in a way that you will remember at a later day all that was discussed.
Mrs D Sallese, Carindale QLD

Very helpful, honest and knowledgeable

Very helpful, honest and knowledgeable. And the after sale assistance with any paperwork, problems, queries etc is excellent.
Mrs F Longhurst, Gladstone QLD

Enjoying our retirement

It's great to be able to enjoy our retirement years comfortably thanks to Kylie and the team at Invest Blue.
Ian & Carole Horsburgh

They were very personable & knowledgeable

Invest Blue gained an understanding of my current situation as well as my plans for the future and took this into account when preparing my proposal. Advice received from other companies in the past took a much narrower approach and only focussed on one or two areas of my finances rather than looking at it as a whole like Invest Blue has.
Anonymous, Moura QLD

Excellent advice

I tell all my friends to go and see Invest Blue - the first meeting is free and their advice is excellent.
A Casey, Armidale NSW

We are made to feel important

Our experience with our Financial Planner and his team has been excellent. We are made to feel important, we are always met with a smile and a welcome, and we are always given the time we need to sort things out
Mr R Siddle, Wooloowin QLD

It’s the scariest thing I have ever done!

...yet getting good financial advice was one of the most rewarding and life-changing decisions we have ever made.
Todd & Kelly Naylor

Pointing us in the right direction

We have been going to see our Financial Planner for years and she has always put us in the right direction.
D Scotney, Gladstone QLD

Living the coastal dream testimonial

Approaching retirement age, the Etienne's worried that their dreams were out of reach. "David has helped us at every step with very sound advice and guidance while never losing sight of our end goal. He is a very big cog in the wheel."
Bruce & Jennifer Etienne

Personal service and trust

The service feels very personal and the team have been friends as a result and we feel we can trust them all.
Christopher & Kathryn, Albany Creek QLD

From early setback to marking milestones in Fiji

“Michael really knows his stuff. As well as being very knowledgeable, he’s a lovely person. He explains everything in layman’s terms and never talks down to me."
Lyn Morrison

I am protected

When I was sidelined with an injury, I knew that I could still pay the mortgage and that the lifestyle that we were accustomed to was protected. Having Income Protection Insurance through my Financial Plan meant I was protected.
Aaron Hardarker

Friendly and professional

Friendly, professional and tailored to your individual needs.
G Cameron, Armidale NSW

Very helpful, clear and easy to understand

Very helpful, clear and easy to understand. Very approachable and we have already recommended to friends and family. Easily accessible and feeling of confidence after each meeting.
Anonymous, Armidale NSW

I would highly recommend Invest Blue

I would highly recommend the Invest Blue services as our planner is very professional in his approach and is sensitive to our situation and needs. We particularly liked the way in which the information was presented on the large screen.
Anonymous, Armidale NSW

We will be with Invest Blue for many years to come

We have been happy with every stage and look forward to being with Invest Blue for many years to come. The support we have received has been fantastic.
Anonymous, Gladstone QLD

Positive dealings

In our dealings with Steph, she has always been very positive - and laid out some good ideas for us. We are really looking forward to dealing with her going forward.
Mr Adam Tuffery

Personal advice

At my last meeting I brought up a subject that has been on my mind and I was surprised at how much help Michael was able to provide. I find the advice he gives me really helpful.

Losing life’s great love testimonial

“I cannot begin to imagine how much harder everything would have been in losing Lindsay if the family faced financial uncertainty as well. Without insurance policies in place, I would have had to sell our home, return to full-time work and remove the girls from their existing school. My heart breaks for people out there in this situation. I know that the grief of losing your loved one is a heavy enough burden to bear without the added weight of financial worries.”
Tracey Diefenbach

Family time

We have purchased our first home and can now relax and enjoy our baby girl!
James Perry & Danielle Fox

Most helpful and pleasant to work with

The Invest Blue team are most helpful and pleasant to work with and have a good knowledge of necessary details to give good advice.
Mr W Hutley, Yandina QLD

Good friendly service always trying to be helpful

If you need a good investment planner use the one I have. Good friendly service always trying to be helpful.
Mr P Daley, Gladstone QLD

We feel like family

We are always left with the feeling of being a family member not just another client.
Robert & Marilyn, Cambridge Park NSW

They took the time to understand

They took the time to understand our current circumstances and our future goals for a comfortable lifestyle.
Anonymous, Baulkham Hills NSW

You’d be mad not to have an adviser

We will definitely keep using Invest Blue. I tell people, if they don't have a Financial Advisor they are mad! I recommend Invest Blue time and time again.
Jim Hanley, Rockhampton QLD

The team at Invest Blue are professional and courteous

The team at Invest Blue are professional and courteous and maintain a good rapport with us. We feel as if they value our business and have our best interests at heart. Honest and challenging advice.
Anonymous, Coffs Harbour NSW

Simple, informative, honest

Simple and informative and honest. Presently very satisfied with the services at Invest Blue.
Anonymous, Mossman QLD

I have recommended friends

I have recommended friends visit our Invest Blue Financial Planner for advice, as for me, she was forthcoming with good sound advice, and came over as caring, honest, and understanding, and considered my basic needs.
T & M Bridges, Gladstone QLD

Brilliant service

The Invest Blue service is brilliant - I have already convinced friends to sign up too.
Mr P Butcher, Coffs Harbour NSW

I would recommend Invest Blue to anyone

I would recommend Invest Blue financial planning to anyone who asks as it's a prompt, reliable and efficient service.
Mr N Few & Mrs J Wilson, Korora NSW

65 countries and counting testimonial

After working for many years as a teacher and special educator, Jenny was able to fulfill her dream of an early retirement and travelling the world.
“Having a financial planner, getting structures in place and having my money looked at and looked after, has given me the opportunity to retire in a way that I’m comfortable. I know that I’m going to be ok and that moving forward, my money will be looked after.”
Jenny Abraham

They understand what you are trying to achieve

They try to understand what you are trying to achieve in regards to financial outcomes, and advise on the best ways to achieve this without trying to sugarcoat it. Just keep up the good work that you are doing!!
Anonymous, The Gap QLD

Professionalism and market knowledge

Professionalism, with realistic view of the Australian and overseas markets, quick to make changes and not follow the herd. Don't wait for the market to dictate changes.
James & Karin, Noosaville QLD

“I’m learning how to get my finances in order”

The way I am treated by Luke (and Steve in the background) is fantastic. He listens to what I'm saying and is able to talk about what we had planned as in trips/visions/purchases between visits...thank you for the effective and considerate team you have
Tania & Wayne

Being financially fit

When I came to see Invest Blue I wanted to not only be financially fit, but I also wanted to get personally fit and well again. My planner helped me see how all my goals were possible.

Striding ahead testimonial

Peter Madirazza is making strides, setting and achieving goals with his running and at times covering 40km a week. Peter and his wife Karen are also making some great strides financially by setting their family up for the longer-term with thanks to their fifteen year relationship with Invest Blue’s Steve Sewell.
Peter & Karen Madirazza

They listen to and takes on board our individual needs

Our planner listens to and takes on board our individual needs, regarding our financial planning.
Anonymous, Gladstone QLD