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we believe it’s possible
Invest Blue is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by providing quality, tailored financial advice.

Your input

You are free to provide feedback at any time! If you have something to tell us, don’t hold back. You can speak with your local team or contact our client experience team directly. We will address your concerns and you are free to keep your feedback confidential if you prefer. Email us at client_experience@investblue.com.au or call 1300 346 837 and ask for the Client Experience Team.

Formal Input

Many businesses send out surveys to their clients, for us, we genuinely care about the responses. In fact, they are the centerpiece to the program improvements we prioritise every quarter.

Every one of our clients are asked to provide their input into the way we offer our service in two ways.

Ongoing tracking survey

This is a survey clients are asked to complete, generally via a tablet, in the office at the end of specific meetings. It is a short survey offered at the same time on our process to everyone and should take 2-5 minutes to complete.


When you are a new client and get close to the end of wrapping up the implementation of your financial plan.

For existing clients you are invited to participate after your annual progress meeting.

Annual Client Experience Survey

This survey is a more extensive survey. All of our clients who have received advice in the last 12 months, and for whom we have a subscribed email address will be invited to participate. In 2017, the survey is being run by The Beddoes Institute from 30th of March to 20th April. If you fit that bill and have not received your invitation to participate, send us an email and we will ensure you get a link.


Our process

We engage the Beddoes Institute to conduct our surveys for 3 main reasons.

  1. It ensures that your responses are completely confidential. You will not be identified to us unless you specify at the end of the survey that you would like that to happen. Learn more about their privacy policy.
  2. The survey is meaningful. The Beddoes Institute is a professional engagement survey body. The questions asked dig deep into the areas of our business service that matter most to clients. The results are benchmarked so not only do we understand what you are thinking, we also see how we compare to the top participants in our industry.
  3. Most Trusted Adviser Designations: The Beddoes Institute uses the data they collect along with practice information to certify that a Financial Planner meets their strict criteria as a Trusted Adviser. In an Industry that has had some bad apples over the years, this is one way for us to demonstrate to those who haven’t worked with us yet, that we are good apples. It gives our business an independent level of scrutiny that we think is important when we are working so closely with clients in a meaningful way.

Why we do it

We have a big dream to help 6,000 elated clients realise their goals and dreams.

Every one of those words are important to us and speak to the core of why we do what we do every day. The term ‘elated’ means we have a vision to be the best and to go beyond expectations of our clients. These surveys allow us to address the honest facts about how we are actually performing. The feedback we receive helps us to prioritise improvements and stay focused on the things that matter most to our clients.