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An Apetite For Adventure - Investblue

From swimming with Great White Sharks in South Africa to travelling solo through some of South America’s most notorious regions – Corey Parsons has an appetite for adventure that belies his daily routine as Invest Blue’s Advice Manager.

With a career in the financial services industry spanning close to 20 years, Corey is the first to admit that his often hair-raising travel tales are quite contrary to his conservative personality or daily desk job.

“Travel is my greatest passion in life and I guess experiencing some of the world’s greatest challenges is probably not what people expect,” he says.
kilimanjaro-summit - An Apetite for Adventure

“After my divorce a number of years ago I made a goal for myself to visit every continent, which I have almost achieved.”

“I only have Antarctica left to conquer, which I’m hoping to visit next year for my 40th birthday, although it’s a very expensive trip, so I might have to save that one to be completed by my 50th!”

Averaging an international trip a year, Corey believes that constantly having an adventure to plan provides him balance, and pleasure.

“It’s definitely a great strategy to ensure I always look to the future with optimism, and I love that exciting anticipation of always have something to look forward to.”

With no dependents, once his mortgage and bills are covered any surplus money is directed to his travel fund.

“Invest Blue has been great in facilitating my leave requests, of the four weeks leave I get a year Christmas is always spent with family, but the other weeks I try to spend internationally.”

“Even at times when I’ve had negative holidays, Invest Blue has always been flexible.”

The sports-mad traveller recalls one of his more extreme trips – ‘dashing’ to the UK purely to watch Arsenal in the FA Cup Final.

“It was a bit mad but totally worth it” – I went with my Dad, another “Arsenal Tragic” – It was a whirlwind trip across to the UK, we paid a ridiculous last-minute price but it was worth every cent. It was definitely one of those “once in a lifetime moments.”

Live Sport is an obvious passion, with Corey having travelled to Germany and South Africa to support the Socceroos in the World Cup, and New York a favourite destination thanks to its vibrant live sporting opportunities.

World Cup

“I try to go to New York every second year purely for a sports fix – the ice hockey, baseball, basketball – it’s a dream.”

“I have no qualms about staying in cheap hostel accommodation and paying a premium for live sporting tickets, I just love that stadium atmosphere.”

Having worked for Invest Blue for over 3 and a half years Corey was recently promoted from a Senior Paraplanner to Advice Manager.

“We work in an ever-changing industry – there are a lot of challenges out there at the moment to ensure we are providing valued advice for our clients. I enjoy the challenge of working with the Invest Blue Advisers to find solutions and recommendations for our clients to achieve their goals.”

“To be tapped on the shoulder for the role of Advice Manager was a great surprise, a sign people had recognised my contribution over the past few years.”

“I’m naturally quite an introverted person, I don’t tend to seek out attention – so this role is going to be a challenge for me to get myself to come out of my comfort zone, although it’s a challenge I’m up for.”

Chengdu - An Apetite for Adventure

Managing a team of five in Brisbane and an Admin Assistant in the Philippines, while working closely with the Compliance Team and other Support areas of Invest Blue, Corey said his new role required additional reporting and responsibility and a lot more meetings, but that he was enjoying the opportunity.

With Invest Blue working with an amazing team of Admin Assistants in the Philippines, it also provides Corey international work relationships, and he recently jumped at the chance to attend a colleagues wedding in the Philippines.

“It was a huge privilege to be invited to Riga’s wedding, we all work closely together day in and day out, so to be able to meet in person, and share the experience was fantastic.”

Corey met all his Philippine-based co-workers at the wedding, and of course, managed to tick a few things off his bucket list in the meantime.

“After the wedding I took some time to travel and swam with Whale Sharks, it was an amazing experience.”

And as for nerves?

“It was awesome, not scary at all. They are such peaceful, majestic creatures.”

Cambodia _ An Apetite for Adventure

As for cage diving with Great White’s in South Africa – “now that’s a different story,” He says, with a laugh.

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