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A bold investment, Bora Bora, and a Bordoodle


Nicole with her Bordoodle, Kingston.

At Invest Blue, we love acknowledging the achievements of our wonderful staff. Late last year, Nicole Ponce purchased an investment property with her husband, Alberto. The couple is now proud owners of an investment property in Sydney’s Glenmore Park. Nicole and Alberto love knowing that they’ve positioned themselves well for the future. For now, though, these high-school sweethearts are happy right where they are; enjoying their work, planning exciting travels and spoiling Kingston, their gorgeous little Bordoodle…(Border Collie x Poodle).

Nicole and Alberto had been considering investing for some time. At 32, their years of full-time employment were paying off and they were in a good financial position to invest. Nicole and Alberto were guided through the process by Nicole’s colleague and Financial Adviser, Michael Craig.

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Nicole admits to being understandably cautious about such a daunting financial decision, but once Michael assured her that she and Alberto could invest and still be financially comfortable, the couple began searching for the right property. Nicole says, “We both knew we wanted to do something with our money, but I’m more conservative than Alberto so Michael telling me to listen to my husband was what I needed to hear!”  Michael’s reassurance carried a lot of weight.

“He gave us the confidence to invest. I’ve known Michael for nine years now, I know his partner, I’ve seen his children grow up and I consider him more a friend than a colleague and so, I very much trust him and respect his advice.”

Nicole is also extremely grateful for the assistance of Invest Blue Credit Adviser, Carol O’Shea who helped a great deal throughout the purchasing process.

Investment property inline

Nicole and Alberto stand proud in front of their new investment.

By November 2016, Nicole and Alberto stood tall in front of their new investment; a three-year-old home with four bedrooms, large yard and double garage. The property has excellent tenants committed to a 12-month lease. Nicole says, “I rarely give it a second thought now. I’m completely comfortable with our investment and often think we should have done this years ago. I also really like knowing that should we require the extra space down the track, it’s there for us.”

For the foreseeable future, Nicole and Alberto plan to stay in the home they love just five minutes from their new investment property. Nicole is also content at work and thoroughly enjoys her role as Systems Administrator with Invest Blue.

“I love that there’s such a big focus on workplace culture. It’s a great network of supportive people and I have many friendships with colleagues. I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

Well, apart from travelling that is…Nicole and Alberto love to travel and plan to continue to explore during time off work. The couple has had some incredible experiences over the past few years. In December 2015, they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in Bora Bora whilst staying in an overwater bungalow. A 2014 Queenstown trip was also unforgettable. As the birthplace of the bungee jump, Alberto paid homage to the mad sport whilst there, launching himself from the highest bungee in New Zealand! The year prior, they travelled through much of Europe.

Bora Bora

Enjoying a well-deserved holiday to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in Bora Bora.


And next on the agenda? Nicole would love to return to Italy to experience a white Christmas. Nicole’s paternal heritage lies in Italy, where her 90-year-old grandfather now resides. Disappointingly for motorcycling enthusiast Alberto, winter isn’t a MotoGP season. Needless to say, pooch Kingston may not be so thrilled to see those bags packed for a lengthy European trip!



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