Hot home renovation tips for 2017

April 13th 2017 | Categories: Financial Planning |

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Break out your overalls, break into a sweat, break down a wall – just don’t break the bank. Conducting renovations on your home is a great way to make it an even better place to live, as well as building wealth for the future.

While the dangers of going too far with your reno and overcapitalising are well-documented, how much do you know about making additions that are on trend? If you want to sell property this year, renovating to be au fait with interior design trends is a fantastic way to do it. But where to start?

Create a place to escape

Escapism is a growing trend in homes as demand. This means more people are creating and looking for nooks that are free from digital distraction. Escapism focuses on peace, quiet and distance from the technology that dominates our lives.

Escapism is a growing trend for interior designers.Escapism is a growing trend for interior designers.

Highlighting a quiet corner, capturing an engaging view and furnishing with comfort and peace in mind will help deliver the quiet escape people are looking for when they retreat to their homes.

Play with your lighting

Adjustable lighting is a bonus for any home. But if you can go further, think about adding a flourish with your fixtures and lampshades. Boldly designed switches and shades create a focal point and could add value in a part of the home that traditionally doesn’t get much attention.

This doesn’t have to be a chandelier, although something ornate and metal could work thematically with your brass bathroom fittings.

Going green, but not with envy

Interior designers are calling green the colour of 2017

No matter where you look, interior designers are calling green the colour of 2017. It doesn’t even matter what shade – forest, lime, relaxing or revitalising, green is in.

You can think beyond updating wallpaper or paint as well. Reupholstering your furniture, finding the perfect throw rug, the trim on your kitchen cabinets can all be ways to include this vibrant colour in your interior design. Provided you shop around, it could also be the cheapest way to get your home on trend as well.

Pantone's range of greens are ideal for your next renovation.Pantone’s range of greens are ideal for your next renovation.

Trends come and trends go, so you don’t have to subscribe to these as gospel for your dream property. But if you’re looking to sell and further your financial journey in 2017, these are a pretty good place to start. If you are serious about making some improvements to your home this year, find out the six ways you can fund a renovation.


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